Empson Park

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Empson Park

North Blythville [26, 65]

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a factory Empson Park a carpark
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Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Empson Park


Empson Park is a large, grassy block consisting of several sporting fields, and contains a large local clubhouse for the local team, the Blythville Littledillys.


Established in 1824, the Blythville Littledillys were famous archrivals to the South Blythville Dandymen. Both teams struggled to claim the top prize in the local football leagues throughout the early 1830s.

Empsom Park is the site of the first "DillyDandy Derby", a match between the two famous Blythville football teams. Despite a fiercely contested occasion, the fans were known for being respectful of one another and fan controversies rarely occurred.

However, after a sinkhole opened up in 1843 on the northwest corner of the field, the derby was permanently located to Sedgbeer Park in South Blythville. Despite several local efforts to fund repairs of the field, inspectors could never sign off on the park's structural integrity, and as such, Empson Park wasn't used for competitive football again.

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