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The end of the game is a theoretical phenomenon that can happen in Malton, Borehamwood and Monroeville where either side of players ceases to exist. In the history of Urban Dead this has officially only happened once, in Monroeville while in Malton and Borehamwood neither side has ever vanished.

End of the game in Malton

Since Malton was introduced on July 3rd, 2005, neither side of players has ever ceased to exist. As zombies with brain rot can only be revived in a powered NT Building and there is currently no way of permanently killing a zombie, it is impossible for the survivors to win by eliminating every zombie from the game. However, human survivors almost ceased to exist in March 2011 due to the reappearance of the mega-horde The Dead 2.0.

The near-end in Spring 2011

During the March of The Dead 2 the number of survivors steadily decreased reaching a nadir below 15% of the active population at the peak of the march. Reflecting their success, the number of Very Dangerous suburbs reached an all-time high on May 12, 2011 when 80 of the 100 suburbs were Red. By ruining the majority of NT Buildings, revivification became very problematic as the supply of NecroTech revivification syringes was rapidly depleted. With all other lit tactical resource points under attack by The Dead, vital supplies such as ammunition and first aid kits were rapidly depleted as well.

While creating a new survivor account was always feasible, these new players would still need to earn at a minimum 75XP in order to utilize syringes. The cheapest method would be to create a Scientist class character with the starting profession of NecroTech Lab Assistant and thereby start with the NecroTech Employment skill. Subsequently, only the Lab Experience skill would need to be purchased to begin utilizing syringes.

However, survivors began adapting their tactics and hiding in ruins making it challenging for even a highly coordinated group as The Dead 2.0 to find prey. Additionally, the game's intrinsic rubber banding mechanisms enabled survivors searching in unlit and ruined NT Buildings to find syringes at a significant rate. This ability limited the need to repair, power and hold NT Buildings in order to maintain the survivor population. This mechanism prevented total victory by The Dead 2.0 with a gradual increase of the percentage of survivors in Malton to nearly 70% by December 2011. It should be noted that while the percentage of survivors decreased during the March of the Dead 2, the absolute number of active players increased. Since that time there had been a steady decrease in the number of active players.

End of the game in Borehamwood

The game in Borehamwood started on October 28, 2008. Due to the lack on NT buildings in Borehamwood, revivification is impossible and death results in permanent zombie status for that player. In theory, it would only be a matter of time before all survivors are eliminated but this has not occurred since play began.

End of the game in Monroeville

The game has officially ended once in Monroeville. Like Borehamwood, Monroeville has no NT buildings, but headshots can kill zombies permanently. This ability makes Monroeville unique in enabling both sides to permanently eradicate the other.

The only official-end on June 13th, 2008

The 1st Quarantine of Monroeville started on March 30th, 2008 and ended with a human victory on June 13th, 2008 when the last zombie was killed.

The second, unofficial-end, February 2011

The 2nd Quarantine of Monroeville started on August 15th, 2008. Significantly, the headshot skill no longer caused permanent death for zombies which thereby removed the survivor's ability to replicate their prior victory. Although the game has not officially ended as of December 2011, the last active human survivor was killed in February 2011 creating a de facto zombie victory. While previously idled out survivors have appeared occasionally, the overwhelming zombie population has made their survival chances extremely grim.

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