Enemies Of NecroTech (EON)

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Enemies Of NecroTech
Abbreviation: EON
Group Numbers: Closed/Group Inactive
Leadership: Sane Malk
Goals: Kill those pesky NecroTech scientists and ransack their buildings
Recruitment Policy: See Joining EON
Contact: Zombie Hordes

Joining EON

Please note that this group is no longer active and has disbanded. The information here is historical. --DirskoSM 21:51, 6 April 2007 (BST)

Right now, we are actively looking for new members. We are small in numbers at the moment but we work as a well co-ordinated group.

Are you a new zombie? No problem! We gladly help our freshly risen members by smashing cades and dragging brains to you!

If you'd like to join us, simply copy: Enemies Of NecroTech (EON) into the group section of your profile. Sane Malk can be PMed at the forum linked in the group contact section. Or leave a message on the discussion page.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is the clearing out and ransacking of as many NecroTech buildings as possible. Without NecroTech labs, survivors will be unable to revivify those we have slain and thus we can swell the zombie hordes! Of course, we target other buildings as well but NecroTech labs are always are primary objective. We are also willing to help other hordes during drawn out sieges if they wish our assistance.

Current Operations and Objectives

Currently devouring brains and causing general mayhem in Huntley Heights and it's adjacent suburbs. Look for us there.

While in Ketchelbank we helped break-in, ransack, and slaughter every survivor in the following locations:

The Russel Building [45,35]

The Tefler Building [46,34]

Riddell Way Fire Station [46,35]

St. Eusebius's Hospital [47,36]

St. Matthias's Church [46,33]

In Peppardville, we aided zombie efforts that lead to the downfall of Fort Creedy.

And now we've moved on to Huntley Heights!

EON's Huntley Heights War Log

Early September, 2006: With the aid of several feral zombies, EON successfully evicted by force all survivors in the Plowright Building [61,23]. The local survivor group, The 4-H, initially put up only a token resistance.

The Enemies Of NecroTech sucessfully kept the Plowright Building ransacked for over 24 hours before finally being ejected. Over the next two days, EON and a force of over 20 zombies finish devouring all of the survivors inside the Solomon Lane PD. Body count in the street marks over 50 casualties. Within a week, all surrounding buildings were torn wide open.

Mid September, 2006: Right as members of the 4-H had rallied to fight EON in the NW area of Huntley Heights, a forward force of zombies with the Big Bash hit the NE quadrant and quickly overran the Vicari Building and the neighboring buildings. Within days, the entire northern and eastern part of the surburb came under zombie control. Survivor safehouses in the south are now being systematically cracked open and ransacked. The 4-H quickly retreated west into the neighboring suburb of Shearbank.

October, 2006: The month of October has seen both high and low points for the zombies of EON. The Big Bash found few brains in Huntley Heights as most survivors had already fled the suburb. As the massive zombie horde departed to the south, survivors and members of the 4-H began to fill the buildings again, seizing control of key resource points in the NW. It took a couple weeks, but EON finally regrouped and attracted enough ferals to challenge control of the NW corner of Huntley Heights. The Plowright Building, Solomon Lane Police Department, and Notley Walk Fire Department swung back and forth from zombie claws to human hands numerous times. As the Big Bash shambled back north, EON responded by launching a series of attacks. Some of the more notable achievements included the destruction of a 4-H safehouse in the Hippisley Museum, tactical strikes aimed at eliminating 4-H leadership including the infamous Aiden Hodder, and the annihilation of Omega Company's forward base along the so called Thin Dead Line. Enemies of NecroTech's latest victory is the capture of the Gabe Building in Shearbank.

November 9th and 10th, 2006: Caiger Mall finally falls. EON joined the seige about a week earlier and was active during the assault that led to the ransacking of the NW corner. By the next day, Caiger was completely overrun.

December, 2006: Following the great zombie victory at Caiger Mall, members of EON shambled back to Huntley Heights. Unfortunately, the holiday season saw most of their numbers go inactive and the mob did not fully reassemble. Most of the remaining zombies of EON scattered throughout the suburbs of Malton but others, including Sane Malk, chose to stay in Huntley Heights. These former members now claim allegiance to different groups and Enemies of NecroTech (EON) officially disbanded.


Sane Malk was EON's leader. He might still be seen in Huntley Heights to this day, often around the vicinity of Club Gapper.

Our members included:

[Citizen X]
[Doctor Thanatos]
[Johnny and the dead]
[Steve Gandhi]
[The Malton Thriller]
[Sasha of the Claw]

Some of these members are no longer active players. We wish them well. And EON thanks those who lended us their support at one time or another, most especially the zombies of Lebende Tote!

Code of Conduct

We eat brains, do we really need to follow some silly code?

OK, maybe we follow a few simple rules. We do not condone zerging and we recognize the Sacred Ground Policy of cemetaries in Malton. This means that EON will refrain from ZKing, or having brain-rotters hang out, in cemetaries. However, survivors in cemetaries are fair game.

Caution to survivors, EON does NOT like being jabbed with big, sharp needles. We suffer enough getting blasted by shotguns and hacked with axes. Combat revives are not appreciated and may lead to us PKing you or spying on your safehouses. Do so at your own risk.

  • Non-member edit: At least one member of the EON, Sane Malk is a known PKiller.[[1]]

- As stated above, unwanted revives put you in harm's path. Be careful who you stick with a syringe next time.

I think that Sane Malk was fairly clear with his statement about unwanted revives. Remember survivers, Only you can prevent Barhah! If you don't wish to be slain in your sleep or spyed on, don't combat revive....it's really a simple concept.--Balistic 14:33, 19 September 2006 (BST)

Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.