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March 2019

Spring is at our doors and it still smells rotten. The zeds have a mind set, trolls have a mind set, PKers have a mind set. The latest in the news is of a survivor killing a survivor out of spite. How is that role playing ? Oh I have to add that the guy runs mostly PKers, PKer revives and the latest is just a griefer. He has so many alts keeping tabs is not easy, yet he calls everybody else a "zerg". Caught him in 2 adjacent burbs lately, I'm sure I'd get hang for that but what do I know right ? He's pampered all the community to either fear or like him. You are going down MF ! I stumble over A survivor's decision. The guy/gurl using alts is always the same and his is narcissistic, controlling and wouldn't give a damn if you were bleeding to death. Lets see him as he is, PENG. Get the fuck out of the burb !

DISTURBING NEWS ! Latest tells us the the player using many alts but mainly named Peng abused his significant in RL. We are truly disturbed by this and wonder if everyone he manipulated isn't feeling abused. There was always a power called "bully" involved and this is the only conclusion for this behavior.

This is a HOAX, but keep in mind this is the result from a psychologist that checked a LOT of data about the guy. Stay safe and don't trust your neighbor.

February 2019

this makes more sense... don't you think ? ;) Sorry for being late, we almost forgot you deserved a "hey" but then you made sure we wouldn't ;)

with The Dead feeling defeated and erasing everything on their pages I guess I'll keep posting here ;) Its our HQ now

January 2019

Is someone being griefed back finally ? How interesting ;) Penquin Pyro

To The Dead and Trotters leader (no it didn't deserve a cap L)

Its funny, I sense cheater business. How do you hit at an odd hour, everyday, and leave survivors breathing for hours huh ? You running scripts wannabe leader ? Only way to win any grounds huh ? I'm on to you now. Better stop sitting alts everywhere that's zerging in your group and start playing fair if you want to claim any territory. DBlanK is it ? Better step up if you want to keep claiming your non stop ruining over. You can claim all you want in wiki but in game, you're mine guys ! Lets see how 12 vs 100+ works out when it comes down to it.

You better step up straight girl !!

December 2018

Peng love ENVY ENVY hates Stelar Stelar for President Stelar made me do it

Nice friends you keep Stelar... makes my remarks right about who you keep close and who voted for you right on target. PKers as always will try and keep their idea of "balance" in a game. Hope you fly over this crap dear.

October 2018

This game is the best strategical means. I love it. My problem now is with wiki sysops being blind to this "thing" that's supposed to take over. A LOT of players don't agree. Stelar isn't fit to help nor speak for the best of everyone. Her EBD crew sure is suffering, she can't even fight PKers anymore. Not even an OP matter, I hear she is letting everyone down. I guess PKing is more important huh ? AND Maybe wiki is too much ;) To be continued.--Murderess (talk) 22:14, 20 October 2018 (UTC)

September 2018

Its interesting to see how everything plays out sitting back. Don't take me wrong, we're still around ;) With us out of the picture it seems interest grew towards other matters. About time real crap showed up instead of poking at air.

August 13 2018

Nicely done Trotters ! Just proves once again you guys are PKers, thanks for clearing that up and maybe you should update your wiki page accordingly. So much for holding anything huh ;) Welp SURVIVORS, Fort Perryn is the place to be nowadays and the more the merrier. What a grand time this is :) Bring your ammo and snipe, snipe snipe ! Fun fun fun !

August 10 2018

Everyone will agree that any kind of publicity is still publicity yes ? Well, thanks to Peng and zerg face ENVY is as popular as ever ! Thanks guys. Its funny that all of the sudden they are put together (knowing one couldn't handle being wrong and the other one, well is just nuts). (I would tell where we are but most already know anyway, come see !). Your zerging puts an edge to it all and how wonderful to find you BOTH there ! The words are slightly cut off by also popular demand. You see folks, there are players out there that can't "play". The only way to meet their fantasy is to put down other players that KICK THEIR ASSES and butt heads (in other words, they can't rebuttal and this is how they play it). Chickens... fits huh Peng ? So many alts in town now. Geezz... how many do you have ? Zerg face at least is obvious about it lol Maybe I should out all of them if wiki discord... you guys seem to be picky about that ;) In the news today I have a quote : "Don't do to others what you don't wish done to you". Cause it will happen... Call ENVY zerging again, I dare you. Maybe I should add that Peng has admitted to zerg games to end them. Its known by many. They won't come forward only because they think Peng would end them... erm... duh ? Put your man pants on guys. End this madness and pain in the ass. As well as whoever stands by him.

July 15 2018

Following up on the latest news, looks like The Malton Globetrotters aren't true to their word : Protecting Caiger Mall. He IS their ally. Ocular. I just so happen to be fighting off their zeds only to get killed by an ally of trotters (or a fake tagger). A truce will never happen and they truly need to get rid of that dog lol Your propaganda is reaching an end boys ! Now please, kill me with someone that dares wear your tags while we're working so hard to keep zeds at bay ! M.

July 6 2018

The history of PKers in UD isn't well known to most players involved in the game. ENVY prides itself planning and coordinating fights against these groups with a strategic end goal and we perform well, to their dismay. The only honorable PKer group I've encountered were LUE. They didn't coward out, they admitted defeat and moved on to fight harder against their opponents. They were awesome. I'm old fashion and enjoy a nice in game fight so when PKers take that fight in and outside the game with propaganda claiming they're "poor little survivors that did no wrong to deserve getting hit" in an attempt to sway public opinion, it only fuels my already mind set that those particular PKers are cowards. They either run away because all they can do is hit innocent and unsuspected survivors or they try to play the griefing card on wiki. Or both is some cases. They can hit but can't take it when it comes at them. And gawd forbid it must be an army of zergs because there's NO WAY they could be defeated, right ?

The latest propaganda is quite funny if you have the inside track : Globetrotters are claiming ENVY is killing survivors in Caiger. Idiotic Caiger_Mall : "Roughly nine zombies constantly outside NE corner, constant breakins, constant attacks by ENVY on survivors." They claim to be the defenders when in fact this scenario is establishing they are plotting to use their The Dead alts to ruin it and blame ENVY in the process. The very funny part here is that they work together (The Dead and Globetrotters) so IF they are actually battling in Caiger ie clearing and cading/biting ruining (I don't witness that, I hit and run) to fake their image as "helpers" to local survivors, they are killing each other which brings the zerging aspect. Again, that's only speculation on my part. Would make sense though if they are to work that tactic to the fullest.

They are the only ones getting hit by ENVY, including their anonymous allies we documented working with them to further their attempt at this propaganda. And speaking of propaganda, the veteran locals also spread it around : "Get Globetrotters out of the mall !"

Their agenda is well known and has been for years now even if they try to "edit" their history. Hey, Globetrotters, you're PKers guys ! Put your big boys pants on and stop whining ! Bring it on !

May 19 2018

Latest news on this wiki, which I try to avoid but keep getting reminded of how people as a small species react and try to taunt JUST WON'T STOP... *breathes*. I see that we had a fallout with RCC. Interesting because the only fall out I experienced was in the hands of a supposedly older player that was speaking FOR the owner and leader of RCC claiming their discord is a "night club" and has nothing to do with game, just a hang out. I guess all my suggestions were a waste of time and their discord, last I saw, was a heaven for The Jack and FoD. Great survivor effort. This will bring giggles of course from the "other side" but hey, I can warn as much as I can but in the end, shit will happen and I won't be the least interested in saying "I told you so". Right, ENVY situation ? We're, as always, fighting the good fight against zeds and actually gaining ground. From the "intel" I get they don't even know we exist. Its awesome ! M.

May 4 2018

Life goes on for ENVY, we rock it everywhere we go and coordinating still puts doubts in most minds. Its funny as a crazy man put it : most don't get metagaming. Duh ! coordinating with your crew is the most thrill... lets get some more news worthy shall we !

April 30 2018

I wake up to a tornado of recent changes on wiki but... where are they ? Are sysops now sweeping under the carpet discussions following yesterday's news ? Luckily it was seen by a few people, the bad news is nobody thought about taking any screenies because well, why would that be deleted ? Recent changes And to set the record straight, I have nothing against Aichon, on the contrary. I'm simply stating that when it comes to zergs griefing on large scale like this one does and have for years, as many, many were his victims and quit the game, maybe new rules should be considered.

EDIT As it turns out we were quite helpless at finding the link to lead us to the whole conversation. Thanks to my circle of friends, we found the road to it. Apologies all around !

April 29 2018

In recent news, after a game of The Dead confronting zerg (Jack Yocum) on his brand new wiki page, we are now witnessing UD wiki sysops siding with him and putting him on a throne. He is now prancing his new "protected" outfit and will surely be even more snug in game to grief whoever he wants. At least for now the wiki keeps him busy so thank you for giving us a break in game from him *sarcasm*. I'd say zerg mostly stays out of their way to keep from reprimands so it would explain why they don't know the extent of the grief that's a daily experience for many in game. They also jump to conclusions calling legit survivor zergs based on yet other griefer's supposed proofs, but when a REAL one drops on their lap they unite to protect him ? Flabbergasting. Seems its been the history of the game : survivors literally surviving attacks of all sorts. Ironic right ? There are rules that need applied when it comes to posting on wiki (The Dead were quite blunt about violating his page but who cares ?) but when it comes to a deranged individual that "rapes" the game and its players since the UD dawn of days, those "rules" should not apply. Logic and moral calls. Doesn't take a genius to figure this all out. References : Zerg alts (a short list really) including Aichon ; Aichon listing him as zerg ; More zerg listing by RR. There's more where that came from.

Side note : After speaking to quite a large circle of players they all agree that most, especially sysops and leaders of renown groups which won't be mentioned, all have their head in the sand, preferring to ignore or put their energy on players that don't deserve the wrath. Wake up, its a problem for everyone and being in a place of "power", your duty should be to help for the better of the game. Since January 2017 we've been "stuck" with this zerg and all I've wished for ever since was for players to unite against him. Now that its happening, LET THEM ! And for crying out loud, join in ! Solidarity !

EDIT : In response to these interesting news, a brand new clone is created in "my name". This however seems to come from another source we know well so nothing about zerg will be spoken at this point but for that "other source" to join in his effort says a lot. Zerg is, apparently, being backed up by more than meets the eyes. And to further this point, here's another clone just made. Some people out there don't like it when the truth comes out.. or maybe they feel attacked too ? No matter where those clones came from, it says a lot about them.

September 2017

ENVY is now on the move as a coordinated strike force to take back areas long infested by Zombie hordes. Contact us on our new forum if you need help. We will help you take back and hold your safe house!

February 2017

A horde of ZERGS have decided to mess with us. It seems Malton is infested with them and ENVY is apparently a prime target. BEWARE OF TROLLS !

January 2017

ENVY is back in Malton ! Recruiting is in progress and looking forward to build a crew as solid as our reputation is. Let's see where that leads us.

December 2011

ENVY has officially fallen off the Group board has members have fallen below 10. A few die hards including The Half Elf, Walt, Cory Hart, and Jimmy are hanging around St. Marks. Haven't seen the Boss in the a while. Is this the END?

August, 2011

August 8, 2011 Keeping St-Marks marching on to help the needy get on track for more in UD. Back in business !

March, 2011

March 22, 2011 We continue to stand against TITZ. Due to our very active group, we revive each other quickly and don't stay dead long. We need recruits to help fight this epic battle. Please see our forum page or our leader Murderess in the game to join our group!

January, 2011

January 12, 2011 Looks like TITZ have decided to grief ENVY to "death". That's fine. Their time will come. In the mean time, it's hide and seek. I guess we can't help the newcomers for a while. I hope they find a good place to move up in UD world. Fun fun fun !

October, 2010

October 26, 2010 We are losing our home daily now. After helping GHDU regain Galbraith from TITZ and them wanting to visit us for a while, it seems that TITZ has followed us home. We also encountered some LUE in the area and sightings of em destroying our home. Is it the Halloween welcome wagon ? All I can say is : Come join the party ! There's plenty of "the bad boys" for everyone. Come get some candy and I'll sure try to get you a drink afterwards! Murderess

October, 2010

October 1, 2010 Havercroft/Richmond looks good. But now that the zeds have vacated the area, the PKing as slowly started again. We may be in a position to go help rebuild the surrounding areas. Help has been asked for the region of Galbraith. Seems many PKing activity is going on there as well and the survivors have difficulties rebuilding (being dead all the time and all).

September, 2010

September 27, 2010 Area Richmond/Havercroft still recovering hard. Pkers are now zedded and seem to enjoy griefing us that way... who knows, maybe they found their new way of "life". Any help would be appreciated. I know a lot of subburbs are in the same situation and we'll for sure move on to help once we clear our area.

August, 2010

August 19, 2010 BB3 has passed through and we are now stuck with Pkers/Griefers that were turned in a zed shape bothering us. Looks like most of the remaining zeds are at Ackland Mall trying to get in. Oh... and I forget: Still Pkers griefing us in the area of course. Can't forget to mention them.

May, 2010

May 21, 2010 Only 1 ENVY, 1 crew. The SE crew in Pegton has been disbanded. The area was not bringing any supplies of fun and the crew was bored and not very active. The remaining players of that crew were invited to join up at the now only ENVY HQ in Richmond.

March-April, 2010

Apr 14, 2010 Richmond Crew has been targetted by not 1, not 2 but 5 PKer groups : Steltsy, LoD, Angels of Mercy, March into the Sea and "a" member of CGR known as Rolfe Steiner. Seems that they have moved out for the time being... probably got bored while we were out restocking and getting ready to retaliate. Calling us quitters as they think we ran... its not like we're gonna just sit in our HQ and wait to be dead for another month... enough is enough ! ENVY has spoken ! We have now a team put in place to feed the hostilities back into those cowards mouths... BRING IT ON !!

January-February, 2010

Mar 9, 2010 Richmond Crew has holded up a 30+ siege for a good month at St-Marks. Allies and friends also came to help out. We have kept our position and won. The zeds are now dispersed in and around the area. Very quiet. We'd like to thank so many... strategy was key and reviving all the zeds had them discouraged... thank you CatchyMonkey for the idea and Kempy and Sophie Ames, for bringing forth your group DSS to revive at will ! As indicated in the history in the front page, Murderess has now taken the reins of ENVY. Now holding 2 HQ in Richmond Hills (Carle PD) and Pegton (Rowcliffe NT).

April, 2009

Apr 02, 2009 NW Division has being under siege for a couple weeks and have now abandoned Carle Street PD and St.Mark's Hospital until the zeds disperse. SW Division has been holding off a siege of 40+ zeds in the Flooks NT in Brooksville for almost a month. My thanks to the Army Control Corps and Bandit Queens for helping throughout the stalemate. With the retirement of its leader, NE Division is now known as the Nomads until further notice. The Nomads are currently in East Becktown assisting DEM hold the area.

February, 2009

Feb 19, 2009 More repeated attacks at the Hebditch Building, but the line has held! There are a scattering of zeds in the area, and unfortunately, many places are overcaded! Be careful when traveling outside, as you may have to go 5+ blocks to find and entry point!

Also a recruitment drive is underway! Look for us in the closest district and ask about joining ENVY!

Feb 17, 2009 After fending off several zed attacks at the Hebditch Building, the South Division of ENVY and our allies are standing strong!

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