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What is Equilibrium

Equilibrium is a feature of Urban Dead. It means a balanced game in which everybody can have fun. It's made possible by way of design, fair play and correct tactics. Both survivors and zombies must be balanced, in power and in numbers, for it to be possible.

Some players believe that Equilibrium is jeopardized when there are too many zombies. Now (as of March 2008) almost 70% of population are zombies, so we think Equilibrium must be restored. Remember that zombies can always rise from dead survivors, but survivors cannot play anymore if 100% of the population becomes zombie, as groups like Extinction want. We need to boost the survivor population, lest Malton becomes the Full Undead Populated City. Once reached that dreadful situation, the game is over. And this game is too good to let it be spoiled forever.

How to restore Equilibrium

The main way is to normalize proportions of survivors and zombies. Maybe it should be enforced by gameplay or rules changes, but in the meantime we propose the Retake and Populate tactic, which can help survivors regain their Strenght

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