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Tired of Malton? Want to get away from it all? We offer you - Escape!

We are going to break out of Malton. Are you tired of the game, but you don't just want to log out and let your character get killed? Escape is for you. Do you just want to see what happens when a whole mess of people all crowd up to the border at once? Escape is for you.

We are more of a movement than a group. There is no leadership.

We are preparing a designated exit point, and on June 1 we gather. Showing up early is fine. We are not a "survivor" group, per se, but we believe only survivors will be allowed to leave. A revive point is being prepared, but is not yet activated.

Interested? Take our one-question quiz:

1. Do I (your character) wish to get out of Malton forever?

If the answer is yes, please do the following:

  1. Change your group affiliation to Escape. If you have a wiki page, add our template (Template:Escape) to your user page.
  2. Acquire a portable radio and tune it to 25.92
  3. Be at Ellicott Railway Station on June 1st.
  4. Stay tuned for further information.
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