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Numerus Regnum
Suburb of Numerus Regnum
Millen Hills Raines Hills Pashenton
Shearbank Numerus Regnum Santlerville
Roachtown Randallbank Heytown

Numerus Regnum location in Malton.

Numerus Regnum map

Known groups in this suburb:

Key buildings in Numerus Regnum:

Police Departments: 2
Fire Stations: 2
Hospitals: 0
NecroTech Buildings: 2
Malls: 0
Phone Mast: The Amos Building [94,04]
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Suburb Number: 27

Numerus Regnum is a war torn suburb of Malton located in the north-east quadrant of the city. Originally called Huntley Heights it has since be renamed to by its primary citizens to better reflect the dominant regime and their tireless efforts to manage the undead situation and curb the gang related violence that has plagued the area since early October of 2006. The suburb is still in the process of being secured from the hands of greedy vandals and delinquents, so human on human violence is still a serious problem.

Resource Buildings

Fire Stations


  • none

NecroTech Facilities

Police Departments


  • none

Bulletin Boards

Revive Points

Recent News

March 06, 2008: In death, Huntley Heights stirrs. Rumors of brutal slayings and deranged physical violence are beginning to circulate. Some speculate that the reviled Adrian Jeshua and Joshua Reveka have returned from hiding. Others speculate that a newly stranded group of survivors are staging copycat murders in their homage. Regardless of common belief, authorities deny that a mysterious DVD was found in the Vicari Building after a recent ransacking, a supposed recording from the infamous duo. But loose lipped officials are common. The truth is bound to reach the public eventually.

Suburb Map

The Suburb of Numerus Regnum
Tope Way School the Ha Monument Club Orange Krill Walk Lychee Lane Mors Park a factory Rotter Road the Vicari Building A pile of burnt CDs
the Aeneas Building Belgrave Library Famous Ade's BBQ a warehouse Tamarind Road a junkyard Mother Crescent A pile of old books Klein Park Clichetown High
Peppy Hare Street Slacker and Corrupt Police Department Prometheus Fire Station St. Wolfeius's Church the Spicy Monument a junkyard Hospital Road Tasty Tram Station Crell Co. Warehouse Greenaway Way School
Riddick Plaza the Plowright Building the Hippisley Museum the Hanson Museum the Eddar Building Blasphemy Court the Muttlebury Arms Isyr Inc. World Headquarters Rockhopper Circle Grue Ambush Zone
the Stellata of Luna Building Igrene's Indoor Archery Range Club Grapefruit Monks Avenue Spicy Empress Finishing School the Amos Building wasteland Club Not A Fruit Asgardian Memorial Church Worriville Highway
the Orilla Monument Club Lime the Butterfly Museum Ben Court Monolith Library Habanero Highway CD Factory 66,25 Brunette Street Ade's Dead Thing Theater Crutch Road
Pizza Avenue the Crowded Building St. Ajora's Church the Tompkins Building Ethan Library Rollinson Lane Parry Drive Fire Station Sari Avenue Club Lemon A pile of bodies
the Organ Museum Elisha Avenue Len Avenue Railway Bullet Train Station Fire Avenue John Crichton Avenue Coal Bank Adora Road Tree Hate Lane the Samantha Carter Building Speeding Highway
Rocca Multiplex the Sainis Military School for Bastards Lewd Kyle's Home for comely young Elf Maidens Owl Court Gades Plaza of Destruction the Spare Motel Ivory Way the Harlot Execution Building Uav Zi Mass Driver Catapult Defiled Church of Jamaharon
Club Tangerine the Roode Building Crazy Josh's Little Police Department of Horrors Roma's Choice Kinetic Energy Weapon Surplus Shop Wind Lipara Library St. 'Nika's Church A's R&R Motel the Maitland Building Club Tomato Shakers the Io Weapons Depot.
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