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Evil Ewok Patrol
Zombie Ewok.jpg
Abbreviation: EEP
Group Numbers: Probably a million
Leadership: Shriveled Ostrich
Goals: Rid Malton of Zombies and Evil Ewoks
Recruitment Policy: Blood oath against Ewoks of an evil nature
Contact: User:Shriveled ostrich.

A survivor group dedicated to the eradication of Evil Ewoks and Zombies within our fair city.

Why is there a need for such a group

An often overlooked result of the short lived Star Wars Update deposited herds of free-roaming Ewoks throughout Malton. While initially these cute, jub-jub'ing creatures aided survivors by tossing rocks at the zombie hordes and providing guidance through the scarce forested areas in the city. However, it was in these areas that the zombie hordes feasted upon the unsuspecting Ewoks and spread the infection to these new denizens of Malton. Survivors soon learned that this was much more than an invasion of annoying, bear-midgets; this marked the beginning of the joint Zombie-Ewok apocalypse. The Star Wars Update shifted the entire balance of the game, as survivors became lazy since they had cheap bear labor and the zombie hordes could not initially keep up with this increase in survivor efforts. However, once these "Jubbers" (Survivor colloquialism for Ewoks) became infected, everything tilted heavily in the zeds' favor. Being so heavily integrated into Survivor operations, the infected jubbers turned on survivors and inflicted as much damage as a pack of bear midgets can. The survivors handled this annoyance, but swore never again to trust another furry humanoid.

Are you sure that really happened

Yes it really happened, why else would we name ourselves something so ridiculously silly?

Why haven't I seen or heard of an evil or uninfected Ewok in Malton?

We are really good at keeping the Ewok menace at bay.

I'm sold, how do I join?

We knew you would be, add "Evil Ewok Patrol" into your profile and join us in Kempsterbank at The Shortland Arms

Current Activities

We are currently patrolling the Kempsterbank and southern Shackleville area with aims to keep barricades up, heal/help survivors and continue to set Ewok traps.

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