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Excalibur was The Fortress’ fifth combat team, a combat team with a difference. A team which turned missions into chapters, and writes a story of modern gothic horror; portraying our lives as we struggle to survive in a zombie infested city.

It is easy for a combat team to just run out and liberate a mall or recover a suburb.

But how many clear a school for a journal left in a locker that has an address for a meeting place?

Or secure a mansion to investigate heinous occult crimes?

Or liberate a suburb just to use the NecroTech building for research, trying to cure the zombie virus?

It just became a bit more interesting, didn't it....

We were the roleplaying combat team and This Is Our Story.

At 9pm GMT on Wednesday 13th August 2008, Excalibur completed its final real-time strike, a daring raid on Blackmore NT, where we sang to the RRF before repairing the building for a massive 62AP.


"Excalibur's "Au-Revior" was completed to perfection. We repaired the RRF's primary building and they didn't see that coming!" Jensonson The Head, The Fortress

"Great work on the recovery of Blackmore, beautiful singing, pissing off the RRF and repairing a record breaking 60+ ap ruined building ... excellent job going out with style Excalibur ... the legend of Excalibur will live on in our hearts forever." Tommy Crowbar Brigadier, The Fortress

"There are breathers in our homeland... and not just breathing, but 'cading and powering our beautiful ruins!" Somewhat Deceased, Department of Homeland Security

"The Fortress has reinvented itself as a Musical Comedy, awesome." Ben DiBanana, Team America

Excalibur has since ceased as a combat team, turning its focus to developing roleplay through-out The Fortress, watch this space for future stories.

Current Structure of Excalibur

  • Member Emeritus: Tristana (ES)

Excalibur Hall of Fame

The esteemed leader of The Fortress, and former Commander of three combat teams, Jensonson joined Excalibur as a foot-soldier, so he could experience this very different combat team.

Founder of Excalibur, developing the role-playing combat team idea. He was an inspirational leader, who's main aim is the eradication of the zombie virus. Known affectionately as King Ava.

A Fortress legend, former BattleHawk Commander, Shadow Warrior and Councillor. Stark had a quick wit, a fun flirtatious manner, and a poor fashion sense. Our own Merlin, he served as our Advisor before escaping Malton.

Our resident Princess and most ardent supporter. Zuton has dedicated her time and energy toward making Excalibur a great team with an engaging story. She served as Commander, Lieutenant, and most recently as our Bard.

  • Campaign Warrior: Doran Breen

Doran joined Excalibur to protect his kid-sister, Remi. The ever vigilant member saved Remi and Excalibur on many occasions. A truely gallant knight protector, Doran and Remi left together.

  • Chief Assault Officer: Couponballer

Excalibur's first Lieutenant and a formidable fighter, Couponballer shocked us all when he escaped from Malton. He shocked us even more when he returned to Malton, vowing to rescue us all.

A tactical genius, Ruinator came in as Excalibur's third Commander, bringing with him a fresh view to this unique team. His spirited and intelligent approach spurred Excalibur on.

A young lady who was initially frightened and shy on joining The Fortress, Remi blossomed in her time with Excalibur, growing in confidence. A scout with no sense of direction, the rest of the team were incredibly protective of her. She fell in love with knowledge and joined the Philosophe_Knights.

His wit went above most heads, possibly even his own. Silas is a dedicated servant of the crown and accomplished team historian. He served most recently as the team's Lieutenant before embarking on his own personal journey.

One of the most promising Boot Camp graduates and only the third team member to join the group straight from Boot Camp. Michael is a dedicated soldier and has the makings of a top notch leader.

  • Engagement Squaddie: Tristana

Tristana joined Excalibur straight from Boot Camp, our first recruit after we were established. She made an immediate impact with her nursing skills and kindly words.


Excalibur, the brainchild of Commander Avatorous, was formed in January 2008 as the roleplaying combat team, with reports written in a story format, missions forming chapters in a book, entitled Pocket Full of Poses

Chapter One

The Awakening

Excalibur's first combat mission, reviving Roftwood.

Chapter Two

Pains of Growing

A Commander gets to know his team, a character development chapter.

Chapter Three


We helped THEM to retake The Haslock Building, before turning our attention to The Blackmore Building and co-ordinating an attack with several groups to capture it, trying to tempt the RRF home. Initially successful, we were thwarted by the arrival of The Dead, the largest horde ever seen in Urban Dead.

Chapter Four

4Tress United

With zombies dominating Malton, and most suburbs ruined, the 5 combat teams of The Fortress united for an operation lasting 35 days. Engaging allies The Fortress moved through 12 suburbs and was instrumental in 9 mall recoveries. On average the united teams recovered a suburb every 3 days.

Chapter Five

The Lazarus Complex

The team researched rumours of revival at St Lazarus's Church, completed the Team Dragon ABA and returned to Blackmore for a song.

Chapter Six

Once and Future King

The team traveled around the SSZ, providing succour and recruiting.

Chapter Seven

Battle of the Kilt

Excalibur join up with the BattleHawks to repulse the RRF in the Siege of Nichols. As the RRF call in reinforcements, including the LUE, so do we, culminating in The Fortress Mass Chainkill 2008. 50 Fortress members kill at least one zombie an hour in or outside the north east corner of Nichols Mall. 139 zombies killed over a 95 hour period.

Pocket Full of Posies

Background and Prologue

Chapter One, The Awakening

Chapter Two, Pains of Growing

Chapter Three, Ramparts

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