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Extinction Chronology

  1. Mar 07 - Founded March 07 in Peddlesden Village by Dr'Brainz, Extinction developed its initial tactics battering down the barricades at the Bascombe NT against a dedicated DHPD contingent.
  2. Jun 07 - After initial success against the DHPD Peddlesden was re-barricaded and Dr'Brainz formulates the corner policy. Take a corner suburb with only three neighbours, destroy the revives and spread out from that base. Extinction thus withdraws from Peddlesden towards Dakerstown via Roywood in early June 07.
  3. Jun 07 - Following the blitzkrieg through Roywood the Pask NT in Dakerstown is targeted and the ensuing battle against the recently united survivor groups under the leadership of the Crimson Clan results in the collapse of coordinated survivor resistance and the establishment of the Dakerstown Extinction Zone.
  4. Jun 07 - Extinction then splits into two forces, one heading east into Jensentown the other back through devastated Roywood and both meeting up in a classic pincer movement overwhelming The Grove stronghold of Brentnall PD in Judgewood. In just four weeks the original core of the NW Malton Extinction Zone forms around the four smashed suburbs and Salt the Land becomes a UD reality.
  5. Jul 07 - The next target was Quarlesbank whose Calvert Mall and NT's are a refuge and revive base for the survivor groups attempting to reclaim their homes in the far NW. With the fall of Quarlesbank the NW core Extinction Zone expands to cover the 6 suburbs from Dakerstown and Roywood to Quarlesbank and Gatcombeton. With the Zombie bastion of Eastonwood to our south east this dead zone remained a stronghold of the Zombie Apocalypse in Malton for over one year until the Eastonwood Ferals disbanded in September 08.
  6. Aug 07 - In close coordination with LUE Extinction makes a dash from the newly ruined Calvert Mall to meet up with a large Zombie force in Darvall Heights and participates in the extraordinarily fun First Ruin of Caiger Mall.
  7. Aug-Sep 07 - In the ensuing bloodbath and feral Zombie stampede the Extinction Zone rapidly expands south via the Becktowns and Molebank as far as Wykewood by early September.
  8. Aug-Sep 07 - At the same time an Extinction squad is sent east through the West and East Boundwoods and Lamport Hills leading the feral wave into Chancelwood as far as the Them stronghold at Haslock NT.
  9. Sep 07 - Extinction builds the first recorded Pinata in Malton and forms a dedicated Pinata Squad.
  10. Sep-Dec 07 -
    The dangermap on September 6 2007 at the furthest extent of LUE inspired red zones before it began to shrink again
    The remarkable success of Extinction tactics, such as active communications with feral Zombies, targeting NT's first then Hospitals and PD's to hobble survivor responses and actively seeking out coordination with any and all Zombie groups (including the Eastonwood Ferals, LUE, RRF, Lebende Tote, CRF and Feral Undead amongst others), along with our strategic gameplay locking in one ruined suburb after another, helped in the formation of the wider NW Extinction Zone that engulfed Malton after the LUE inspired ruin rampage. The wider dead zone was, however, fragile and very few Zombie groups shared our vision of UD as a Zombie Apocalypse game. Once the touring groups left, Extinction found itself vastly overstretched attempting to cover the territory and this, combined with severe player fatigue amongst the leadership after almost four months of intensive coordinated gameplay, led to the collapse of the Extinction Zone back to its core 6 NW corner suburbs plus the surrounding towns around Caiger to the south and the Boundwoods to the east.
  11. Jan-Feb 08 - After something of a hiatus Extinction leader Dr'Brainz returned to re-organize a fragmented group and the second phase of Extinction started with the ruin of Dakerstown followed in quick succession by Jensentown and then Quarlesbank coinciding with a MoB attack on Calvert Mall. The ease with which the original Extinction Zone was reformed is testament to the devastation of the survivor groups that remained in the area yet never fully recovered their early 2007 vigour. Caiger Mall likewise never fully recovered after the LUE ruin, with Extinction to its north and the Eastonwood Ferals raiding from the east it was then placed under further pressure by the formation of The Dead of Dunell Hills Zombie group that was soon to erupt across Malton as the 1500 member strong The Dead.
  12. Feb 08 - Reformed and reinvigorated Extinction set its sights on expanding the dead zone yet again and moved into Yagoton to prepare the way for the Big Bash at Bale Mall by taking out the surrounding NT's.
  13. Mar-Apr 08 -
    Erupting out of NW Malton The Dead Zone c. April 2008
    With Yagoton destroyed Extinction and the Eastonwood Ferals then moved against Stickling Mall in Shearbank. After a prolonged siege waiting on reinforcements from The Dead's North West division Shearbank was overwhelmed followed quickly by a blitzkrieg through Millen Hills and the destruction of Lamport Hills.
  14. May 08 - Extinction concurrently set about consolidating these gains by coordinating with the Eastonwood Ferals in keeping Yagoton ruined from late February through to mid May along with an extended siege on the Sheppard NT, the last survivor bastion in NW Malton. This second expansionary phase of the Extinction Zone ended in mid May when The Dead leadership retired and the vast red tide finally receded.
  15. May-Jun 08 - With Bale Mall revived and survivors swarming into the NW, Extinction returned to its core Extinction Zone to regroup in Dakerstown and then lead a large feral Zombie and Extinction Horde against Quarlesbank.
  16. Jun-Sep 08 - What followed is the epic Battle for Quarlesbank, a testament to Extinction's tenacity and dedication to the principles of Salt the Land. For 14 weeks, from June 2121st to late September Extinction fought off successive waves of attacks from the local groups QBH, the Shed and Elson Building Caretakers reinforced first by the MCDU and then Beerhah.
  17. Sep 08 -
    July 8 2008 - a typical day in the wider NW Malton Zombie Apocalypse Zone
    The core Extinction Zone, extending from Dakerstown and Roywood to Quarlesbank and Gatecombeton and including the buffer zones of West Boundwood, Shuttlebank, Darvall Heights, Chudleyton and Peddlesden, remained a cohesive block of ruins and/or constant warfare from July 2007 through to mid-September 2008. With The Dead remnants to our south and the Eastonwood Ferals to our south east the combined Zombie Apocalypse Zone covered some 17 suburbs across the entirety of NW Malton, centred around Barhah Mall, for almost 9 long Malton months in 2008. Salt the Land had become a mainstream feature of the Malton environment and attracted scores of adventure tourists to its miles of strangely peaceful ruins. All this came undone around mid September when the fearsome Eastonwood Ferals finally disbanded and the key strategic anchor point guarding against survivor incursions from the east into Caiger and the far NW faded into Malton history.
  18. Sep-Oct 08 - A vast green tide is sweeping across NW Malton, Eastonwood has revived along with Caiger Mall and an embattled Extinction is fighting a rearguard action against an avalanche of survivors pouring into the far NW. First Dakerstown was re-ruined then Jensentown followed by Quarlesbank and back to Dakerstown. Each round of battle has seen the invaders eaten alive but they return stronger each time as the NW slowly wakes from its ruined splendour and the Zombie Apocalypse Zone fades into recent memory. So begins the third phase of the extinction of revival in Malton.

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