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Are you Bored with the Never Ending Cycle of Ruin followed by Revival?

Extinction, unlike most other Zombie groups, takes a long term strategic approach to the UD game, more like Warcraft than the usual round of yet one more 'glorious battle' after another leading nowhere 'cept circles. We don't think survivors should be allowed to recover because we believe Urban Dead should actually be a Zombie Apocalypse Game. So...

We take and hold territory by ruining the survivors' only real offensive capability - their NecroTech Needle Factories - and then we keep them ruined. Extinction Scouts roam our ruined suburbs while the Extinction Horde fights the survivor contagion on our front lines, and our mobile Extinction Squads rush from one search and destroy mission to the next, wherever they're needed. We also encourage other Zombie groups to try Salt the Land out, it actually makes a fun and challenging change from the UD status quo.

We Destroy and Hold NT's

We Ruin Everything

We Never Surrender

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