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EAT Command 001

1. Under the auspices of the Extinction Alliance Treaty (EAT) all Extinction Zone Suburbs are a declared Non-Revive Zone (NRZ) within the entirety of their borders.

2. All Enemy Combatant Survivors within the NRZ are ordered to lay down their arms and proceed immediately to their nearest Extinction Alliance NT Command Headquarters for either cleansing or re-assignment to an Extinction Alliance Harmanz Corps.

3. Barricading without permit is a strictly forbidden practice.

4. Any Survivor Aggression against Extinction Alliance forces or any other Zombies within the NRZ is Terrorism and Enemy Combatants will be dealt with accordingly.

5. Revival without permit is strictly forbidden within the NRZ. Enemy Combatant Zombies loitering at known revive points, requesting revival in a profile or uttering the phrase "Mrh?" are Terrorists under Zombie Law and Order and will be dealt with accordingly.

6. All unassigned Extinction Alliance Troops in the NRZ are requested to report to their Allied NT Command HQ.

7. All other Zombies are welcome within the safety of the NRZ and are requested to break barricades and eat Survivors on sight. Any coordination with Extinction Alliance forces in the maintenance of Zombie Law and Order is welcome.

By Order of Extinction Alliance Security Council

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