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Extinction Guardians are no longer active. Its group page is preserved for archival purposes. Please do not edit this page. This group was reported inactive on 10:17, 9 January 2009 (UTC) Not Inactive?


The Extinction Guardians are no longer roaming the wastelands

Extinction Guardians
Group Numbers DISBANDED
Last known leader Joseph Singleton
Goals Safeguard the Extinction Zone!
Recruitment Policy No longer recruiting
Contact You could try the last known leader...

Extinction Guardians - There where the Wasteland Grows

What are the Extinction Guardians?

Extinction Guardians was an offshoot zombie group of the original Extinction and was founded in late August 07 as a Search and Destroy Counter Insurgency group operating within the Extinction Zone that formed after LUE gate crashed Caiger Mall. Due to the explosive growth of the Extinction Zone and the incredibly widespread nature of operations then spreading across 25 suburbs in the NW Quadrant of Malton it was agreed to form the new group to patrol the City's growing wastelands. The group lost focus and membership as the Extinction Zone grew until Extinction Commander Dr'Brainz unilaterally dissolved the Extinction Alliance and all cooperation with any remaining Guardians in January 2008.

What's the plan?

We roam the wastelands of Malton in search of unruined NTs - and then ruin them. Neither zombies nor survivors are ever truly killed, but this cycle has been broken. A ruined NT makes revivification so expensive in the Extinction Zone that survivors are forced to choose between lovely un-life as a zombie or retreat.

Survivors are nothing without their NT buildings. We have seen malls fall because their NTs fell. We have seen suburbs fall because they lost their NTs. We have seen it happen. We have seen it time and time again! The Extinction Zone is undead proof!!

This process has already started in the NorthWest Quadrant of Malton with Extinction's establishment of the initial Extinction Zone in the top 6 NW suburbs - first Roywood, then Dakerstown, Jensentown, Judgewood and finally the Calvert Mall in Quarlesbank and Gatcombeton. After West Boundwood and Shuttlebank were shattered Extinction traveled with LUE to Darvall Heights where Caiger Mall and its environs were totally annihilated all the way through to the end of the DMZ in Molebank.

The Extinction Guardians safeguard this Extinction Zone so that it may prosper and grow in accordance with the principles laid out in the Extinction Alliance Treaty (EAT).

  1. Whenever possible, at the end of each day use the last couple of AP's to enter the nearest ransacked NT or other resource building.
  2. While on Search and Destroy Counter Insurgency operations the Primary Target is the nearest NT and its surrounding safehouses.
  3. Secondary Targets are the nearest PD's and Hospitals and their safehouses.
  4. Tertiary Targets are the nearest Factories and Auto Repairs and any other un-ruined building.


How do I join?

Make your way to the NorthWest Quadrant of Malton, sign up at the Alliance forum, put "Extinction Guardians" in your profile settings group, bookmark the Extinction Alliance Taccon and check the NTJ Brain Location Report for your nearest brain and barricade targets.

Note: Due to the nature of counter insurgency operations within the ruined and low brain concentration Extinction Zone the Guardians is best suited to higher level (10+) zombie troopers. For quick advancement of lower level zombies we recommend the Extinction group's "Food on Us" (FOU) horde.

Alt Policy: One zed no other alts!

Extinction Guardians also heartily recommends using any of your alts in one or more of the various Extinction Alliance Treaty (EAT) groups.

Help the Alliance bring the extinction of revival to Malton!

Total Domination
This user supports the Extinction Alliance and a Total Zombie Apocalypse.

News and Achievements


  • August 28th

Operation "HOLD" evolves into the new zombie group Extinction Guardians!

  • August 22nd

- Extinctions now on 2 battle fronts, both were unbelievable successful over the past few days. Time to almost start operation "HOLD".

~Quarlesbank~ -We pwned DEM inside Calvert Mall, about 20+ died in the mall, and we caught afew that where running away. Suburb is 100% ruined.

~Caiger Mall/area~ -Seems that RRF & Extinction had the same plan for West Becktown, we took turns breaking into the Flowar Building till an Extinction member ruined it. Now Molebank is in for a good NT kick'in. As 3 of its NTs already fell, the others will fall to the same fate soon.

  • August 19th

- Extinction attempted to take the Flowar Building but it seems that there are active defenders inside...who knew. Oh well, time for Extinction to party. Extinction Partying. <<pretty sweet eh ? :' )

  • August 18th

- Extinction opened the the Herman Building..its now ruined. Then we opened the Kening Building..its now ruined. Then the Sugg Building, and just afew minutes hours ago the Daubeney Building. <<PWNed :' )

  • August 17th

- LUE took out Caiger Mall. <<which means it ain't neva coming back. Dr'Brainz himself captured a ransack .:.pic.:. Dr'Brainz now stands in awe at the side of over 150 LUE while they eat the remaining brainz inside. Caiger is done. whats next? :' )

  • August 16th

- Extinction led an attack against the 3rd closest NT to Caiger Mall -The Herman Building which is now at 29 infected brains, 28 zeds (EF joined in on the fun later on), and no cades. <<Another gold star for Extinction.

  • August 15th

- We are starting to put the plan called 'Big Push' into action, no longer will Extinction stand with only 6 burbs under its belt, time to turn up the heat. Time to party "in" Caiger Mall. Last couple days - We retook Calvert Mall from DEM (they took Calvert Mall for 1 1/2 days). Also we destroyed most of the NW of Shuttlebank which included a platoon of USAI soldiers. <<lala

  • August 9th

- A few days ago we took a small break from battling in Quarlesbank and trashed Judgewood, making it Very Dangerous on the map...All Extinction members are to report back to Quarlesbank as a few silly harmans think they can take it back. <<time to go eatin'.

  • July 29th

- Are current operation is to make Quarlesbank part of our Death Zone, which means anyone alive will be KOS. All zombies in the area are encouraged to use our BRAIN LOCATION REPORT at all times to find out where we are hitting and where the food is located.

  • July 28th

- Yesterday Extinction led an attack on Calvert Mall that opened Calvert for good, we ransacked the corner in about 20 mins..(we talk to much on irc :P) currently the mall is still open with 3 corners of Calvert Mall ransacked, the harmans are close to being Extinct.


- Mall ransacked. Surrounding buildings are now being assaulted, check out the UBER MAP for where we are hitting and where easy brains are located.

P.S. we are not giving back your precise mall anytime soon.

  • July 25th

- We started to siege Quarlesbank for fun early on this week, we started with some pokes at Calvert Mall, ransacked a corner each time, then we started to do what we do best, take control of the needles...within acouple days of sieging we had most of the suburb on its knees. With all PDs, NTs, and Hospitals in the palm of Extinctions hand, there was only one hope for the Survivors of Quarlesbank...Calvert Mall.

  • July 13th

- Extinction withdraws to NW corner of Malton only.

...Recruitment period, starting to coordinate...

  • March

- Extinction formed.


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