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FFR.jpg FFR Emblem

FFR stands for : Freedom Fighters of the Republic

FFR is currently operating from newbound in yagoton

FFR is a clan in Yagoton who's main purpose is to hold back the zombie hordes by reviving them. The clan mostly use this as they realized its a lot more effective at slowing them down. They war against any and all anti-human groups.

if you wish to join our group just email dark_hobnob@hotmail.com You can also go to Newbould Place Police Department [49,16] in Yagoton, and ask either terry wildfire or Jim wildfire and we will add you to the clan page.

FFR now has a new radio and each member is using the signal 28.14MHz so if you want to contact us just send a message on that frequency and we will respond.

We Have A New Forum At : FFR Forum

Main Members:

(Co-Creator/Captain/Ambassador/Wiki Admin) Terry Wildfire (so talk to me)

(Co-Creator/Captain/Forum Admin/Wiki Admin) Jim Wildfire

(The nurse/Secretary) Hello Kazzie

If you are in the clan and want a special job just ask!

Just members:

(The first) Zaspor  ?Lost?

(The old new kid) Regalio Lockdown

(The new kid) Joseph Wiley

(Beginners Luck) Nos804

( he is a scientist) Powrvol

!!Alliance Groups!!

Malton Response Team G  :D

The Abandoned  :D

NecroInquisition  :D



wandering poets

Peaches Geldof


The bad people

!!Cool list!!



Chuck Norris

Rosa Gonzalez

Pablo Francisco

That guy, you know, him!

Questions ----
NOTE: please don't spam this or write abusing text, this is for anyone who wishes to ask question about FFR or its member or if anyone has any complaints about our group:

!!:NEWS:!! This Will Be Cleared At The Start Of Every Month

April 26th

FFR currently operating from temp HQ in whittenside ( all members please head to the bellamy building)


FFR Forum (www.ffr.x10hosing.com)
Adam01's websites | freewebs | X10 | Forum |

May 18th

most of group has moved back to yagoton and back to our old HQ ... home sweat home... we are asking every member to return here to aid us in our battle to fuy control yagoton

June 18th

Nos804 joins FFR welcome to our clan and good will hunting from all of the FFR

June 24th

powrvol joins FFR welcome to our clan and good will hunting from all of the FFR
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