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Clock.png Historical Group
This historical group is no longer active. However, its wiki page is preserved to reflect the group's significance in Urban Dead history.

Fort Overbarricaders Union
Abbreviation: FOBU
Group Numbers: 32
Leadership: Classified
Goals: To keep forts safe from zombies by barricading them to heavily.
Recruitment Policy: Special. See below.
Contact: None

Historical Significance Section

The Fort Overbarricaders Union is dedicated to keeping survivors in forts safe by barricading the Armory square to "Extremely Heavily Barrcaded".

It should be noted that this group never existed in the game. It was created by Grim s as a troll to drive Cowboy Up nuts in response to his drama whoring on the desensitised board in January. However it did have a significant impact in the game itself, especially on the Creedy Defense Force, and several other small fort based groups.

About FOBU

Group Motto

Hold the line and the fort shall hold firm!

Group policy

FOBU holds to three core policies:

  • Fort squares must be Extremely Heavily Barricaded when there are zombies outside.
  • No Human shall slay another Human.
  • To prevent new players from walking into would be massacres.

These policies are non negotiable, meaning there has been some conflict regarding members of other well meaning, but grossly misguided groups, where some of our members have been pked. To avoid persecution from said groups we do not list our group, or we list the group of another in our profile.


Recent recruitment successes through intermediaries have been able to spread our net outside the forts. We currently have members in ten suburbs around malls ensuring that the areas remain safe and secure from all Zombie Spy and Death Cultist incursions by closing the doors to them with large amounts of furnature. Though this will, sadly, lead to the deaths of innocent people, we consider the damage done by said spies and death cultists to outweigh by far the harm done to newbies given the recent syringe nerf.

Current Ops

Operation Closed Shop

The goal of this operation is to completely shut down the entry points for ten malls in UD, with the goal of preventing Zombie Spy and Death Cultist incursions.

Enemies of the State

The following people have declared themselves openly hostile to FOBU, and as such, are to recieve no aid from FOBU members. Also, they are to be killed if spotted as a zombie, preferably with the Headshot skill. We do not advocate the slaying of them as humans

  • CowboyUp, for issuing kill on sight orders against us, and calling us pansies.
  • Tenor Morris For the promise of threatening us with death if we are found.


The following are the listed defeats of FOBU, where even our great efforts to defend a fort failed and it was overrun by zombies (Further indicating that Very Strong Barricades are insufficient in the face of the hordes).

Fort Perryn

Five FOBU members couragously gave their lives at Fort Perryn on the 19th of February, yet their sacrifice was in vain, as the fort was overrun by zombies from both the Minions of the Apocalypse and the Undying Scourge. This is a sad day in FOBU history, and only reaffirms our vow to keep the survivors in forts protected from those who would harm our fellow man.


Recruitment now occurs through trusted intermediaries, though new members will never know who else is a member, in order to maintain operational security.

Why a wiki entry?

We have constructed a wiki entry so that groups can understand our motivations, and stop accusing us of being random Griefers. We view this as offensive when all we are trying to do is help others.

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