Faber Lane Fire Station

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Faber Lane Fire Station

Yagoton [41,18]

Fray Alley the Sambone Monument Holsgrove Row Police Department
Goodfellow Boulevard Faber Lane Fire Station St. Godric's Church
the Rostron Monument Tyson Auto Repair Club Nanning

Basic Info:

  • Can be barricaded normally.


Faber Lane Fire Station
EHB, dark.
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Malton Fire Department
Faber Lane Fire Station


Faber Lane Fire Station is in District Three of the NW Division of the Malton Fire Department. The station comprises the entirety of the Yagoton Fire Department, and is well stocked with axes, flares, wirecutters, and generators. Vandalising Faber Lane Fire Station earns no Experience Points.

Before the outbreak, it used to be a scenic area with two monuments and a club in the vicinity.

Its proximity to Catherine General Hospital and the Yagoton Revivification Clinic's main base of operations at St. Swithun's Church makes it an important entryway in addition to being a resource building - the only fire station in the suburb.


In the past years, Faber Lane has served as a base of operations for certain members of the Abandoned, many of which have taken the liberty to spray paint their insignias on nearby buildings and the Sambone Monument to "mark their territory". Generally the barricades stay at the approved barricade policy of "Very Strongly" to allow survivors to escape the horde inside, but on occasion the barricades are brought up to "Extremely Heavily Barricaded" in times of heavy zombie attacks.


According to the Yagoton Barricade Plan, this building is to be kept at VSB at all time as it is one of the southwest free running entry point of Yagoton. Since resource buildings can sometime be barricaded up to EHB in time of crisis, St. Godric's Church, another free running entry point one block directly to the east, could be a better option for the tired survivor.

NW District MFD


The Headquarters for District Three is in the neighbouring suburb of Shuttlebank in the Bubcar Road Fire Station.

The battalion chief for the whole region is Battalion Chief Darby O'Banon who is on sabbatical, acting Battalion Chief Alex DeWitt currently carries out the responsibilities of Battalion Chief for the region. The fire marshall for the district is Fire Marshall Sphinx.

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In zamgrh, this location is known as Habarh Agzbarn.