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The Fabulous Underground Acoustic Corner Kids
Abbreviation: F.U.A.C.K.
Group Numbers: ☭♥
Leadership: Carlo Chaimo
Goals: Keep Dakerstown safe
Recruitment Policy: OPEN, you must a really cool, groovin' person
Contact: www.fuack.tk

- FUACK: Fabulous Underground Acoustic Corner Kids

A group of musicians, poets, and soldiers. Their goal is to establish a safe and equal communist paradise free from zombies, in the Northwest Corner, Dakerstown.

- Projects

Dakerstown Stabilization: FUACK members are concentrating on getting Dakerstown up and running, barricading buildings, keeping the revives flowing and helping our fellow survivors!

Universal Safehouse: All junkyards (excluding the indoor RP) will be permanently maintained at VSB+2 enabling low-level survivors to have a guaranteed safety in the hostile wastes of Dakerstown. Appropriate graffiti will be applied.

- Revolution Radio/Free Waves @ 26.56 MHz

  • Revolution Radio, operates at 26.56 MHz. This is the permanent frequency for this group. This frequency is open to anyone to use and to request aid.
  • Please leave all transmitters set to 26.56 MHz.

-General Rules

  • 01. Heal Survivors
  • 02. Keep buildings barricaded
  • 03. Maintain VSB safehouses
  • 04. Maintain radio station 26.56.
  • 05. Revive our comrades
  • 06. No asshattery!

- Allies and Associates

- Want to join?

All that's required of a FUACK member is to observe the goals of FUACK, and to contribute to the happiness and well being of all the survivors of Dakerstown.

check out our forum .

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