Factory 12,10

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Factory 12,10
EthrDemon (talk) 05:01, 30 January 2020 (UTC)
a factory

Judgewood [12, 10]

Retallick Walk
wasteland a factory Pippen Grove
Howard Towers Nugent Walk Meecham Plaza

Basic Info:

  • Factories have no internal descriptions.
  • Factories can be barricaded normally.


A typical Victorian factory with an unfortunate acronym

Built in 1867, this factory was a typical example of Victorian architecture with its old-fashioned brickwork, ornate structural steelwork, sliding sash windows and fancy little towers at each corner which almost it look like a fairytale castle.

Unfortunately, the building was owned by the Judgewood Instrumentation & Spares Manufacturing company which, whilst it was relatively successful business, had the acronym JISM proudly displayed above its roof. Perfectly innocent at the time, it quickly became a laughing stock (especially towards the latter part of the twentieth century) as the word took on an altogether different meaning.

Despite the outcry from local prudes, the building had been made a listed structure by the time any formal complaints were made therefore any alterations weren't permitted, and so the offending letters remain to this day for the whole suburb to see and snigger at.

Barricade Policy

According to the Judgewood Barricade Plan, this factory should be kept extremely heavily barricaded.

Current Status

7th March 2010 - it's EHB, lit, and spitting out gennys like there's no tomorrow. Chief Seagull talk 08:49, 7 March 2010 (UTC)

November 25th, 2009 - Still in working order, but unlit. Chief Seagull 14:38, 25 November 2009 (UTC)

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