Factory 2,25

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Factory 2,25
Factory 2,25

Peddlesden Village [02,25]

a factory Fernie Walk Vasey Lane
Hutson Crescent Factory 2,25 St. Humphrey's Church
Beale Walk Donagan Alley the Bascombe Building

Basic Info:

  • Factories have no internal descriptions.
  • Factories can be barricaded normally.


The Lawn Mower and Dangerous Toy Company welcomes visitors! Breathing apparatus not provided.

A run-down industrial complex, connected to the similarly decrepit Satsuma Car Company works.


Owned by the Satsuma Car Company's parent corporation, the Lawn Mower and Dangerous Toy Company, this vast industrial site was the brainchild of the greedy Malton Council, who had hoped to turn this sleepy and underpopulated part of western Malton into an industrialists' paradise at the expense of such trivial considerations as Mother Nature and human beings.

The factory produced parts for the Satsuma cars, including widgets, doobries and wotchumacallits, all of which required enormous and highly dangerous machines such as the Amputron, the Lacer-8-R and the Smoggex 2000. Even years after the factories fell silent, this area of Peddlesden Village remains shrouded in a thick layer of pollution, making it barely habitable even by people who no longer breathe.

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