Factory 25,65

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Factory 25,65
--Sister Katie (talk) 19:07, 7 February 2020 (UTC)
a factory

North Blythville [25,65]

Julie General Hospital a carpark Dear Street Police Department
the Hebditch Building a factory Empson Park
the Snelgrove Motel Shallet Crescent a warehouse

Basic Info:

  • Factories have no internal descriptions.
  • Factories can be barricaded normally.


You are standing outside a factory, a large white-stone building with a curved roof.


Barricade Policy

To be kept at EHB, in accordance with the North Blythville Barricade Plan.

Current Status

5/25/2009 You are inside a factory. The building has been extremely heavily barricaded. Also here are LonelyLobster (60HP), Oktober (60HP), Aves Birdman (60HP), rukasu15 (50HP), mierdaface (60HP), GeneralMeurow (60HP), Dead Sunrise (60HP), Mark Adam C (60HP), L0F (60HP), Peterus (60HP), Kent Wiltshire (60HP), wildwulfhowl (60HP), KrushKrasher (60HP), Joseph Brinton (50HP), jenna green (60HP), MrChinChin (60HP), Ron of the Dead (60HP), Dark Wulfen (60HP), jenjen88 (60HP), Heresy Fatima McRea (55HP), Zinfab (60HP) and aghanaar2 (60HP).A portable generator has been set up here. It is running.Somebody has spraypainted Keep fueled & @ EHB Defend NB Join Olney Militia! onto a wall.--Dr Mycroft Chris 08:17, 25 May 2009 (BST)

This is the G.I.F.D. HQ!

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