Factory 37,4

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Factory 37,4
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a factory

West Boundwood [37, 4]

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Basic Info:

  • Factories have no internal descriptions.
  • Factories can be barricaded normally.

Factory 37,4



Despite its pre-outbreak squalor and faded exterior, West Boundwood's only factory was once the headquarters to Rixol Paint, the country's most prolific and industrious paint supplier of the mid 1900s.

Sporting a once extravagant lobby that features historic adverting campaigns of past paint products, Rixol started as a family run business in 1896, and became renowned amongst premium building certifiers for their robust colours and high longevity. During the early and mid 1900s, Rixol expanded nationally and became a historic nationally recognised entity. Their advertising campaign during the 1960s was “15 million homes and counting”.

By the 1980s, every other business in West Boundwood’s expansive industrial area had left the suburb due to tax breaks offered from other regions in the country, but Rixol remained in their founding headquarters. While parks and museums popped up alongside it, the company maintained strong returns and even expanded their employment by 5% every year up into the 90s.

By the year 2000, Rixol had expanded, offering several other chemical products, including industrial-grade fertiliser, computer ink, shoeshine and even shampoo.

Their headquarters’ 1960s-era Research and Development expansion had been the sole location of all Rixol’s chemical experimentation, and in the 2000s it became apparent that the land had been subject to ground poisoning over the course of a generation. The 40-year then-owner of Rixol, Stuart Leone, died of cancer in 2003, and half of his board were hospitalised between 2000 and 2005. Employment plummeted as hundreds of of Rixol employees became hospitalised over the coming years.

At the dawn of the outbreak, Rixol had just completed an emergency evacuation of their founding headquarters and had since moved to a temporary location in Shearbank. The West Boundwood headquarters was empty, boarded up, and had several health warnings at the front of the premises.

Barricade Policy

No designated barricade policy keep at VSB for now.

Current Status

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