Factory 47,99

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Factory 47,99
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The Orange Julius Factory

Buttonville [47,99]

Rouse Road Hanney Auto Repair Garlick Square Fire Station
The Lethebe Building The Orange Julius Factory A warehouse
Border Border Border

Basic Info:

  • Factories have no internal descriptions.
  • Factories can be barricaded normally.

General Information

The Orange Julius Factory is an abandoned factory in Buttonville, on the south border of Malton.

The French Fudge Factory
The Orange Julius Factory
Factory Details
- Products: Orange Julius
- Workers: Monkeys and zompaloompas
- Coordinates: 47,99


Once a very successful candy manufacturer, the French Fudge factory went out of business when the demand for sweets in Malton started declining. Management switched to producing canned brains but they quickly ran out of workers and had to shut down. For awhile the factory is rumoured to be the super secret dig site of the TTP.

In August 2009, The Simian Barony set up their Orange Julius production line here. Using only the best monkey workers and some escaped zompaloompas the Barony hope to supply Buttonville and eventually the entire city of Malton with Orange Julius. Currently under the supervision of Governor Tenlo Teokle (AKA Tenlothemonkey)


If the TTP succeeds this will be the mostest importantest building in Malton. However, right now it's fairly unimportant. With out this building a spread of scurvy among the Butt inhabitants could occur, the Julius must be defended at all costs

Additional Information

Barricading Policy

The French Fudge Factory should be extremely heavily barricaded according to the Buttonville Barricade Plan.


Tagging this building grants no XP.