Factory 67,50

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Factory 67,50
7 zombies in the vicinity
NNate (talk) 14:27, 18 June 2021 (UTC)
a factory

Roftwood [67,50]

Barry Row
Shepard Lane
a factory
St. Ethelbert's Hospital a factory the Copeland Building
Henslowe Park Fernie Grove Chinnock Auto Repair

Basic Info:

  • Factories have no internal descriptions.
  • Factories can be barricaded normally.

This factory here is none other than the Shining Crest Mercenary Base founded by Sazahn, leader and tactician of the Shining Crest Mercenary Co.



The factory is located in Roftwood between the St. Ethelbert's Hospital and the the Copeland Building.

General Description

In the factory you will find that this place is good for a safe house. You will also be able to rest here when weary and low on AP. Don't worry though about being on low health. Since the factory is next to the St. Ethelbert's Hospital, you will be able to get medical treatment, though not as good as it would be in the hospital, you will be fine. The building can be easily recognized as a narrow concrete building split by a large, diagonal crack.

Status Report

In human hands.


We are able to supply those with axes, pipes, crowbars, a toolbox, fuel, and generators, along with a place to rest.

Next to the Hildebrand Mall.

Closest to the revive point the Swansborough Park.


Constant zombie threats with the never ending attacks on St. Ethelbert's Hospital.

Loss of power means slim chance of finding supplies.

Once lost, cuts off a free running route.

Mercenaries Within This Base

1. Sazahn

2. Itachiuchiha6

3. kabotothehealer

4. swift fencer

5. ax of fire

6. Gnauga

7. Grate

8. maddrew

Base Rules

Just follow the two procedures below and you will be fine.

Barricade Plans

Barricades are to remain EHB at all times.

Radio Transmitter Rules

The transmitter must always remain on 26.17!

The Shining Crest wish you well on your travels and give you the best of luck!