Factory 76,36

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Factory 76,36
"... the power is on ..."
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a factory

Heytown [76, 36]

Polgrahan Grove Railway Station a carpark Mester Square
a warehouse a factory the Steeds Building
Dotin Park wasteland the Tudgay Museum

Basic Info:

  • Factories have no internal descriptions.
  • Factories can be barricaded normally.

S.P. Manufacturing

The Factory.jpg

This factory is located in the South West portion of Heytown and is this suburbs only factory. It's also located just west of the Craske Triangle core region and is considered part of the greater Craske Triangle region.

Pre-Outbreak History

S.P. Manufacturing
Factory Details
- Products: Septic Tanks
- Workers: 6
- Coordinates: 76,36
Warehouse Details
- Warehouse Name: Rental Storage
- Coordinates: 54,44

Post-Outbreak History

October 8th 2009 -‎ Heytown begins to adopt the Uniform Barricading Policy. Same as before, the Craske Triangle continues to use its own local barricade police regardless of the new adoption.

January 3rd 2008 -‎ This factory is officially annexed (among other territories) as part of the Craske Triangle greater region, athought it's likely this factory was being used by residents of the Craske Triangle long before this time.

January 15th 2007‎ - Spracklingbank begins to adopt the Uniform Barricading Policy. Although that policy did not directly effect this factory, it did caused much controversy among residence of the Craske Triangle region who wished to continue using their own local barricading policies.

Barricade Policy

Its Complicated. . .

Heytown Barricade Plan (UBP Compliant)

Extremely Heavily Barricade

Craske Triangle Barricade Policy

Very Strongly Barricaded


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