Fascist Pig Hunters

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Fascist Pig Hunters
Fph logo.jpg
Abbreviation: FPH
Group Numbers: 7+
Leadership: Aquanut
Goals: to take out little piggies
Recruitment Policy: Go to forums
Contact: [1]our fourm.

The FPH in Brief

Unjustly gunned down in Malton? Unable to fight back? Tired of being punished for belonging to a NON PK group? Targeted because you don't feel a text based zombie apocalypse game requires a description? Perhaps your just miffed that the RG doesn't accept assault reports? We're the ones to come to. We're a small group but we're organized. We'll do our best to strike terror into the hearts of your enemies and show a bully what its like to be on the receiving end.

Also, Rogue Hunters, Former Pkers, and definitely previous alumni of the Old Guarde FPH that i have not yet been in contact with. We want you! Would you like to be a part of a bounty hunting organization with a leaner, meaner, grittier approach?

Join us today!

Bounty Hunting Criteria

Our rules are pretty lax, we're not a strict group mostly rogue hunters under one banner. However when we do take down a Pig we ensure justice is done. We require members to keep a screenshot of the kill and to report the kill to the group. From there it gets passed on to the appropriate agency. Some killers may do it themselves if they wish to show initiative.

Lists we use

Rogues Gallery

Resensitized Zerger List

In addition to these, any known member of a PK group will be killed on sight. Zergers will be killed on sight. Griefers will be killed on sight. Appeals can be made on our forums.

Bounty Counts

Over 195 Served

Current Bounties 30 Piggies sentence served 21 Zergers schooled

Previous Bounties 23 Piggies Brought to justice 12 Zergers derezzed

Original Incarnation 109 Piggies brought to justice

History of the FPH

Dateline: December 10th, 2005 in Maltonian Time

A small group (about 20 of us) began suffering the predations of a much smaller but well organized group the MxFxSx. They wanted control of the suburb for themselves, and we wished to cohabitate in peace. As persecution escalated even our allies began falling under the pistol. We had no experience with PKers, we were overmatched and in a war of attrition we could not win. Our revive queques got longer, our supplies ran short. Many of our members left the game, discourgaged. We'd signed on to fight zombies, not other survivors. Even when we struck back our hearts were not in it and they were experienced, they were higher level, they were organized, lastly they were highly mobile.

Dateline: January 4th, 2006 in Maltonian Time

A small sect of us split off secretely from the group, apparently tired of the Pking, tired of the struggle to stay alive for the night, wondering if our syringes would be used for PKs instead of deaths by zombies. We formed the MxFxSx Task force. We were only a few, we didn't have the numbers they did but now WE were the ones hard to find. We began striking back in earnest. As our victories grew, the suburb began to pool with blood. We were effective, but we weren't doing enough. They kept killing us and killing our friends. Zombies were swarming the suburb and our efforts in tackling both the zombies and the PKers meant neither got handled well.

We needed a name. We recalled what one of them had called us....Fascist Pigs, because we called our group a Union. Fascist Pigs, despite the fact we were a democracy instead of Fascism. Paramilitary. We decided to use this to our advantage. We dubbed ourselves the Fascist Pig Hunters, and the name stuck.

Dateline: January 10th, 2006 in Maltonian Time

Our efforts began to worry some of thier members, or perhaps they just tired of the war now that we were fighting back. A number of them sued for peace and a ceasefire was declared and we focused our efforts on those who were still fighting us. Numbers were now on equal footing and we were determined. Our backs were against the wall and this was personal.

Dateline: Febuary 4th, 2006 in Maltonian Time

We had finally managed to push them away, the MxFxSx were largely gone from the suburb, but now we had a new problem. Zombies. Our war had depleted our resources, syringes, faks and ammo were at a premium and the Pwotters were invading. Despite all we tried were were again overmatched and ill equipped from our drawn out war. We were forced to flee.

Our old group did eventually return to the suburb, and we discussed what to do next. We were barred from returning as our group had decided on taking a anti-PK stance. No PKers allowed period, and no retaliation would be given against them since we'd seen that solved no purpose whatsoever in the long run. Thus, we decided to continue with the FPH and do our best to protect other groups from the same fate and bringing PKers and asshats everwhere to justice.

Dateline: April 1, 2006 in Maltonian Time

After many reports of anti survivor activity in Houldenbank by the Rotters Relief organization we decided to step in. Despite negotiations with both RR, DEM and other groups in the area the RR continued blind revives, debarricading and encouraging zombies to get flak jackets and body building.

On April 1, midnite GMT we launched a raid. 4 of us manged 13 kills in 10 minutes, leaving 1 behind as a warning. We also delivered warnings to the other Rotters in the area. They reported us to both the DEM and Desensitized.

It was just the publicity we needed. All of a sudden our little group was in the limelight. We got new members, and we began hunting off the Rogues Gallery. We went legit.

Dateline: July, 2006 in Maltonian Time

As happens with any group, some of us tired of the game and RL drew many away with its siren call. Others decided to become DEM officially, joining the Malton Marshals. Eventually we disbanded, about half leaving for the Marshals, a few leaving to become full fledged PKers, and a few leaving the game entirely.

Dateline: February 3rd, 2007 in Maltonian Time

Many of the FPH alumni who were still playing had stayed in contact and we missed the group. Ironically in our original crusade against the MxFxSx we learned something about PKing, and a true understanding of what drives higher levels to do it. The biggest game in Malton is NOT zombies, its your fellow man. We had just been more picky in who we targeted. We had no illusions about what we did. It was still PKing. But with a purpose. For protection instead of persecution. And we missed it.

On this day the former Co-Leader of the FPH reformed the core of the group. The FPH were back. A bit smaller than before but still just as organized a lot more experienced, and now with a LOT more PKers out there in malton. The streets would be safe once again.

Dateline: November 2nd, 2011 in Maltonian Time

2 of the original founding members of the FPH decided to resurrect the group from its long cold ashes. While the group is not nearly as needed in the very different Maltonian atmosphere 4 years after the second coming, there is still threats out there to those struggling to survive. So the FPH, once again are cleaning their weapons and looking for blood.

Dateline: November 22nd, 2011 in Maltonian Time

The number of hunters have increased, adding to the ground the FPH could cover. The numbers of piggies and zergers brought to justice will only grow from here.

Mpd.png Report PKers!
Don't let them get away with murder! Register them on the Rogues Gallery.
Ubpicon1.gif Uniform Barricading Policy Supporter
This User or Group supports the Uniform Barricading Policy by actively maintaining barricades according to local plan or UBP standard.
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.
This organization supports the No Random Revive Policy.
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