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Q: Ferroque Nec...WHAT??

A: It's a scary pretentious Latin phrase meaning, "to die by the sword."

Q: Why THAT name?

A: Because most of the people involved will wind up killed. And not by zombies. And because I was too lazy to come up with a Latin equivalent for "pistol."

Q: But what IS it?

We form two teams, who will hunt one another down and kill one another. Or we will once we get more people involved.

Q: That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of!

A: Bored out of your mind in Monroeville? Stopped playing? Considering a career in PKing, because it's the only bloody challenge left? Lots of people are doing one or the other. Ferroque Necari proposes a third way...one which will benefit all Monroeville in the process.

Q: But the borders are opening again! Why kill one another when you can be killing zombies?

A: And when they close again, things will return to the status quo: no zombies, bored survivors. We'll begin when the zombie surge is over.

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