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Fight Factory

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The following are hand-to-hand combat events in which Fight Factory will participate

Axe Hack's Brawl in a Bar

Brawl in a Bar is an event in which two players battle it out in a bar in real time combat using only their fists and bottles of beer and wine. Other players will place bets on which one of the two players fighting it out will win.


The brawl will take place in one of the many bars located throughout Malton.


Each brawl will begin at a set time and date, as agreed upon by both brawlers, and will continue at approximately the same time on every following day, until a winner is decided.

The Rules

  1. Both brawlers are not allowed to leave the designated bar.
  2. No zerging.
  3. The only valid weapons are your fists and bottles of beer and wine.
  4. The first person who dies loses, irregardless if it was their opponent that killed them or someone not involved in the brawl.
  5. Betters are not allowed to interfere with the brawl.
  6. Brawlers are only allowed to attack each other each day within the agreed upon time (ie: 00:00 to 01:00 UTC)

Players not in accordance with the rules will be disqualified.

Sign Ups

If you would like to brawl, please post on the talk page.

Misanthropy's Frenzy

Frenzy banner.png
Berzerkrobotr.jpg THE HUMANOID MUST NOT ESCAPE! Berzerkrobot.jpg

Location: The Standen Building, Crooketon.
Time and date: 00:00 GMT, January 3rd.

No weapons.
No healing.
No outside aid.
No leaving the building.
No zombies.
No shirts. No shoes.
None of that, or any of the others.
In short - nothing but punches. Winner is the last one standing.

Sign up on the talk page.
Fight like a robot.

Chicken! Fight like a robot!
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