Five Miles Over Chicago

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Five Miles Over Chicago
Abbreviation: FMOC
Group Numbers: ~9
Leadership: It's more of a communal thing. You probably wouldn't understand.
Goals: Do I really have to explain everything to you?
Recruitment Policy: Talk page. We have one. Use it.
Contact: Forum

Five Miles Over Chicago is a group of survivors that don't actually like Urban Dead. We're just playing to be ironic. I mean, I guess it's OK to drink fair trade coffee and listen to Arcade Fire all day, but if you really want ironic? Look no further. We're all about irony. Everything we do is ironic somehow. It's too bad if you just can't understand that sort of thing. I guess we just aren't mainstream enough for you.

Headline text

So get this. It's September, and Grace and O'Neil are on public transit after their shift at Starbucks was over, and this guy comes up to them and is all "Hey man, why are you two drinking Starbucks?" and then he gets all up in their face and they're like "Uh, it's a statement about how Starbucks is destroying small-scale enterprise?" and he's all "Haven't you heard about the protest today? We're outside the fed reserve TO PROTEST. THE MAN.."

So they call me up and I'm like, "Yeah, well, I've kinda been here since last Saturday for some solidarity and stuff." You know, waaaay before all those other posers started showing up. So they get the entire band together and they're on the next #22 to LaSalle, and to make a long story short we spent the next 5 months at Occupy Chicago.

AgentPapers got arrested in October when he tried to climb on top of the Bank of America building. Apparently that's actually really illegal.

So anyway, we're pretty much done with that scene. It's getting kind of played out. So now we're back, and we're going on tour. More information to follow whenever I feel like it.


This is the part where I type "These are our members" even though you already knew that from the headline up there. You already knew that's how all group pages work. I just wanted to point out how "every group page does that, so we're going to as well." We're so non-conformist, we conform but for all the wrong reasons.

Five Miles Over Chicago Roster

H Company

Pretty much every group in every game on the face of the earth has elite units. It's kind of a big deal, apparently. We don't really think we need an elite unit, so we made one. That's just how we roll.

Current Mission: H Company's current mission is to take the entire suburb of Barrville using knives and cricket bats.

Current Members: There aren't any. It's a pretty exclusive gig.


Ok, so these guys were our allies

  • Section 13 - These guys get it man. I've got a good feeling about them.
  • Grey Swords - These other dudes from Reganbank who are pretty cool, so we became allies. No thanks to ykl.
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