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Bowling for the Proletariat
Northwest tour by Five Miles Over Chicago
The James Wood Experiment (Fables from the Broken Record)
Start Date 16 December 2010
End Date 6 January 2010
Shows 5

Bowling for the Proletariat 2010/2011 is an upcoming mall/stadium tour by Five Miles Over Chicago. It will be launched December 16th in support of the group's 2010 album The James Wood Experiment (Fables from the Broken Record).

Tour Map

Show Dates and Locations

This section is a work on progress.

Bowling for the Proletariat
Ackland Mall December 16th, 2010 Mall-ruined-small.jpg
Floyde Stadium December 20th, 2010 Mall-unknown-small.jpg
Caiger Mall December 27th, 2010 Mall-ruined-small.jpg
Bale Mall January 2nd, 2011 Mall-in zombie hands-small.jpg
Calvert Mall January 6th, 2011 Mall-in zombie hands-small.jpg
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