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Welcome to 27.67, the original Flaming Hole Radio.

12/11: Yo bro', we're back in the air for a time yet to determine. Stay tuned, soon you'll be flooded again by the awesome voice of CC. Oh, and great music too.

CC will grant you some fuckin' good music at an irregular base so stick on it !


"Yoh mates, PP broadcasting for Flaming Hole Radio in Penfold" (2 minutes ago) "Juste a short message today..." (2 minutes ago)\\ "Hound of Hecate is a lone fucker beyond all redemption !" (2 minutes ago) "Kill on sight ! And keep gangsta !" (1 minute ago) "Remenber, kill Hound of Hecate on sight !" (55 seconds ago) "See ya, niggaz ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P86fPsC_cCQ" (17 seconds ago)

Zombie santa.jpg We wish you a fuckin' Zombmas, auditors !

FHR is a pirate radio granted to you by Les Anus Enflammés

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