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A New Weapon in the War against Zombies

Flash Bumming
File:Mooning party shorts.jpg
Abbreviation: FB
Group Numbers: open
Leadership: Les Derriere
Goals: To Flash Bum the zombies
Recruitment Policy: Just Flash Bum some zombies
Contact: This is a non-contact sport

Fed up with fighting an enemy that just won’t do the decent thing and lay down and die?

Want to take the fight to the enemy and dazzle them with lightning Special Weapons and Tactics?

Need to express yourself in a way that’s never been seen before?

It’s the new craze sweeping Malton and everybody’s doing it!!

Now available as a single participant activity!! See ARSE

Brainchild of the Craske Building International Playboys, Flash Bumming is an innovative and special tactic devised to infuriate and taunt zombies!!

Inspired by the phenomenon of Flash Mobbing the first organized Flash Bumming took place on April 1st 2006 outside Nicholls Mall in Stanbury Village when 9 survivors bravely mooned the assembled horde of 60 zombies gathered there in a pre planned action. See the hilarious consequences in the screen capture below!!

Its really quite simple

1) Locate some zombies, preferably a crowd or even better a horde

2) At a pre arranged time approach the zombies in numbers, drop your trousers and moon them. This can be achieved by pasting the following into your speech tile :

3) “ Hey zombies!! **drops trousers to reveal bare behind to the undead** �?

Of course variations on this are most welcome, feel free to improvise

4) Maybe pop a few zombies, then run away giggling

The Rules

Usually organised as a group activity it’s only recognised a Flash Bumming if there are more than six survivors involved otherwise it only counts as an Act of Random Self Exposure (ARSE)

The time between the first revealing of a naked bottom and the final revealing is limited to one hour.

Any survivor may reveal their rear an unlimited number of times per flashing.

Additional taunting is permitted (The CBIP do not condone personal attacks or flaming. Please keep your personal abuse to yourself)

Prizes will be awarded for:

  • The greatest number of individual revealing’s in the shortest time
  • Originality of insults
  • The Spottiest Bum
  • Best Bum Bite

Next event

saturday 1800 GMT at a mall near you.


See A Bum Show at Random Public Speeches

The Inaugaral Flash Bumming

For Posteriority


The Second Coming

The saga continues....


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