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The purpose of the Flavor Project is to develop an Urban Dead browser extension that changes game flavor, rather than implementing a new action interface or other tools. As such, it would be a fairly basic extension that simply did search-and-replace functions on various bits of game text. While simple, this is also quite powerful when implemented as an extension to a browser based game. For example, it would be very easy for the browser to alter the description of only SOME buildings of a certain type, depending on the buildings location. It would also be easy to alter skill descriptions, or to alter action reports with a random assortment of result description so that (for example) combat descriptions are more detailed and variable.


Intital development will be likely done using the Firefox Extension Greasemonkey. One benefit of doing this is that the same code could be used in Internet Explorer, via the Turnabout extension. The user script code used by these extensions is distributed as plain text javascript, meaning it can be edited and developed as plain text here on the wiki!


Development will follow two main paths; functional and editorial.

  • Functional development is the development of code functions that allow various tasks to be done in a common way throughout the project. For example, it would likely be best to have a single function that determines the co-ordiante location of a scene and assigns that to a variable. A common us of this would then be to use this variable in a conditional statement to modify the scene if it corresponds to a location for which a new bit of flavor text had been written. This is "blood and guts" work, and should likely be done by a single individual, or group of people with some experience doing group code development.
  • Editorial development simply means writing new bits of flavor text which would be applied in specific cases (and describing what those cases are). This can be done in a fashion similar to writing suggestions here on the wiki. Indeed, many suggestions given on the wiki can in fact be implemented as part of this project!
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