Flesh Rot

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Flesh Rot is a zombie skill available after the purchase of Brain Rot.

Taken from 14th October 2008 News update:

  • A disturbing Flesh Rot is creeping across the bone and muscle of the older, decaying zombies, making them more resilient to attack. (This is the equivalent of having died with the Body Building skill and a flak jacket, and doesn't stack.)

Like Body Building, it increases maximum possible Hit Points (HP) to 60.

  • As the skills do not stack, the maximum possible value is still 60HP.
  • Flesh Rot does not effect one's HP when alive.[1]

Like a Flak Jacket, it grants a 20% damage reduction against attacks that deal 5 or more damage.

  • In-game message: You fire your shotgun at the zombie for 10 damage. Their rotten flesh absorbs 2 points of that damage. They drop to 36 HP.
  • Flesh Rot still does this when one is alive.[2]
  • Wearing a Flak Jacket and having Flesh Rot does not stack for double protection.

Like all zombie skills, it costs 100 Experience Points (XP).


Flesh Rot's most obvious benefit is the ability to withstand more damage before being killed.

However, it also removes the need for career zombies to become a survivor in order to acquire Body Building and a flak jacket, something that can be extremely difficult if the zombie has Brain Rot.

It also is arguably beneficial to survivors, because a zombie with Flesh Rot and no flak jacket displays a distinct message when it is shot. If a survivor receives this message, they know that the zombie must necessarily have Brain Rot and need not spend Action Points (AP) fruitlessly attempting to use a DNA Extractor or NecroTech Revivification Syringe.