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Blood Stain Words.jpg

The SAS was a coordinated and unexpected strike against the Quartly Study Group tour at the Skilliter Library by the FOD. The attack occurred on Oct 16/07. At the end of the day, 13 Humans and 2 Zeds, met their grissly end. Numerous collections of books and periodicals were ruined by streaks of blood, viscera, chunks of vital organs, cerebral spinal fluid and other contents of the human body. Structural damage was estimated to be high.

Bodies pulled from the scene and placed in wheelbarrows:

  • Mama Sage
  • Smasho
  • Charles Darwin
  • Elgala
  • Agent Redemption
  • Sir Fred of Etruria
  • Budhagezelle
  • Jarper
  • Jeferson32
  • Laxiola
  • Sirkus
  • Ciambellamortenson
  • Ropes McGurk
  • Also shot were 2 Zeds who were there for the poetry.


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