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"...but on a certain level I do understand your goals. I can't condone your methods, I won't partake in your methods, but I see the need for a more militaristic survivor state of mind in Malton." --Peter Red, Reds Roughnecks
Follow the exploits of the FOD as they travel Malton! Previous campaigns, strikes and other activities can all be found here.

Placed in order of most recent to the oldest.

26. FOD Birthday Party at Skarin Row PD

Catagory: Celebration

25. The 82nd Airborne

Catagory: Flotsam

24. Random Infestation

Catagory: Flotsam

23. High Velocity Eggs

Catagory: Celebration

22. With friends like these...

Catagory: Self Defence

21. The Saints

Category: Bounty-hunters, Flotsam

20. Samhain Slaughter 2

Category: Celebration

19. Vinetown/Gulsonside - MDK, Night Ravers and MOB

Category: Flotsam removal, Assist Ally

18. The Malton Uprising

Category: Cheaters, Zergs

17. The Fort Creedy Tune-up

Category: Trenchies

16. 1 year anniversary party with the Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile

Category: Flotsam

15. The Culling of Team Zombie Hardcore

Category: Flotsam

14. Drunken Slobs on Parade: The DHPD Barfight

Category: Flotsam

13. The Dark Knights of Kempsterbank

Category: Flotsam

12. While the Blackhawk Nation gently weeps...

Category: Flotsam

11. Mini Tour

  • Some quick strikes in between campaigns.
#1 - DEC 09/07 - Pegram PD, Pecoside
#2 - FEB 24/08 - Bandit Queen Warehouse, Brooksville
#3 - MAR 07/08 - SE Corner of Mitchem Mall, Vinetown

10. The Philosophe Knight Incident

Category: Pride

09. Silent Night Slaughter at Fort Creedy!!

Category: Mall Squatters

08. Fort Perryn Strike with the Sociopath Apostles

Category: Trenchies


Category: Ninnies, Walts

06. Samhain Slaughter Halloween Special!!

Category: Mall Squatters

05. Campaign against the Quartly Study Group ARCHIVE

Category: Flotsam

04. Operation: Most Dangerous Game

Category: Revenge

03. The second campaign against the Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile

Category: Useless Cult, Flotsam

02. Fort Creedy - Quick Strike #1

Category: Trenchies

01. The first Campaign against the Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile

Category: Useless Cult, Flotsam