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== Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile - The Second Campaign ==

DATE: SEPT 11/07 - SEPT 30/07

In the abscence of the FOD, The Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile in Dunningwood deliberatly reverted to zombie form and slaughtered all the survivors in Skarin Row PD so they could remove a stuffed Aligator. The guilty must be punished.

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Sept 30/07

  • The second campaign against the Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile has come to an end. After the last raid on Saturday and some planned nonsense as Zombies, the group is now moving on.

Sept 29/07 - The Day of Reckoning

  • There are reports beginning to come in of a massacre in and around Skarin Row PD. The dead have been identified as Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile members, one of their sympathizers and one insignificant piece of EMO flotsam.
The deceased:
Katie LaRue
Crocodile Cultist
Clint Ruin
Johan Todd
Ferhago Alexander
  • As can be seen in the picture below, posted by Pierre Crowe in the Croc Trophy Room, Skarin Row has been cleared of Croc filth. Only a sympathizer or two remains. Like cockroaches, the Crocs will scuttle back in, but at this moment in time, ever so briefly, Skarin Row once again knows what it is to be free of those vermin.

Sept 26/07

  • BenettFu continues to show ill effects from the beating he took at the hands of the FOD. He claims the stuffed crocodile they keep spoke to him and told him the location of an FOD member named 'Yasume'. The rube claims to have killed 'Yasume'. Upon hearing this, the FOD membership fell over in fits of laughter at the continued futility of the Crocs. There is no member by the name of 'Yasume' currently in the FOD.
  • Another foolish Croc sympathizer named Ivellius has emerged from the woodwork and claimed vengeance on behalf of the Crocs. And like the others, this one won't succeed either.

Sept 25/07

  • Things continue to be pretty quiet. Only a couple of incidents to report. The FOD beat the resident Croc hot air balloon, BennetFU, down to 1 HP, placed a rose in his mouth and then left him on the ground as he was deemed unworthy of the killing blow. The slimeball soon awoke and crawled back to the Skarin Row PD where he was treated by Croc doctors for an assortment of injuries. As well, Croc Punching bag, Ferhago Alexander, was shot down while fetching the morning paper.

Sept 23/07

  • It was a fairly quiet weekend with only a few hits taking place. Of note, Croc Sympathizer "Weaston", who interfered in FOD business last week, met his end today.

Sept 21/07

  • The day once more ended in sorrow and tears for the Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile. The screams of the dying could be heard all throughout Dunningwood as Leighton Kru, whom the FOD forged an alliance with last week, arrived on the scene to cut some crocs. There was carnage everywhere as the Kru cut the vile Crocs into pieces of quivering bloody sushi. FOD allies continue to bring their own brand of justice to the Crocs. The knights of the Apocalypse have posted kills in the FOD trophy rooms as have the Sociopath apostles.
  • Kalenium attended the PKer Soiree in Chancelwood only to find himself alone with just the groans of the dead for company. Hibernaculum was also to attend but was ambushed outside the mansion by a horde of Zombies. The light at the end of the tunnel closed in quickly at the hands of those monsters but thankfully, a passerby revived him. Making his way back towards Dunningwood, there was an assassination attempt by a random thug named Mike LeGrande. The bandit ran out of ammo and fled but not before seriously injuring Hibernaculum. The Tabula Rasa holds Vigeous, leader of the Rouge Heart Aces and host of the Soiree responsible for this farce and have suspended diplomatic ties with the Aces.

Sept 20/07

  • While Hibernaculum and Kalenium have briefly left the campaign on official business, the remaining FOD, KOA and SA members continue daily hits on the Crocs and fill the Garden of Martyrs will more deluded souls. Interesting has been the rise of sympathizers for both groups as ordinary citizens are dragged into the conflict.
  • In other news, Arikane, one of the Croc's chief ministers of propaganda, seems to have vanished! The FOD wishes him a safe return from wherever he has we can shoot him again :)

Sept 19/07 The Crocs have begun some new psychological shmutz involving becomming martyrs blah blah bla...A pathetic Katie LaRue was seen pleading with her stuffed crocodile to be the next victim. Whatever. Mericifully, rumours have begun to surface that their torment will soon come to an end...but not today.

Sept 18/07 Hibernaculum awoke this morning and felt as if someone had walked over his grave...after further investigation, evidence was turned up that the Croc, Bizkit66, had been in the area. No shots were fired. The favour was returned as Hibernaculum spared Bizkit's fellow Crocs for one night. Now that the debt has been paid, it is business as usual...

Sept 17/07 It is a day of mourning today as a Croc Sympathizer named SAD STORY put bullets into Rob Collick. This has not gone unnoticed and will not go unpunished.

The frustration mounts for the Crocs and the mudslinging is approaching political attack ad levels. Cult member, Mrrrgghhg784723cgge, had this to say after the most recent attacks:

I think you should stop referring to your attacks as a Campaign. Campaign implies resistance is occuring, and due to the AP mechanics, that's not actually possible. You can walk in and shoot a bunch of people, and they can't do anything to stop you. It's more like vandalism, really, because your victims are absent when they are attacked. Not that I care about the dying, being equally happy dead, it's just powerfully lame when you guys celebrate how badass and heroic you all are for... what... sneaking up to some sleeping people and shooting them in the back? Yeah, pretty impressive, you guys should be proud. --Cman yall 21:39, 16 September 2007 (BST)

This of course comes from a member of a group that recently killed all the survivors in Skarin row so that they could remove a stuffed Aligator from the premises. In the wake of Mrrrrghhhs outburst, another Croc was slain today. The victim was identified as Twincam.

Sept 16/07 The Crocs continue to get smashed to biscuits as the harsh hammer of justice fell upon more of their ilk today. So far, the following Crocs have been identified amongst the dead from today's strike:

  • Ferhago Alexander
  • Mrrrghhhhh
  • UDR
  • Katie LaRue
  • The Departed

Sept 15/07 The Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile has begun to flee from their traditional home at Skarin Row PD and some have taken to hiding in Dunningwood's other police departments. The FOD, however, continues to hunt the vermin down with crazed, terminator like fury. The coroner has identified the victim of the shooting at Lord Boulevard Police Dept as wanted Croc lapdog, Bizkit66. Earlier today, Bizkit66's zerg ALT, Bizkit 72 was also interred.

Sept 14/07 The peace of a relatively quiet day was shattered late this evening as 3 more Croc members were dressed in the cerements of the grave, courtesy of the Knights of the Apocalypse. Afterwards, the FOD and KOA celebrated their collaboration over many beers.

Sept 13/07 A Croc was found lurking far from home in Gibsonton today and was brought to justice. The deceased was identified as Clint Ruin, known criminal and Malton tax cheat. In other news, when asked how the campaign against the Crocs was going so far, the Tabula Rasa was quoted as saying "killing Crocs is like shooting fish in a barrel".

Sept 12/07 It was reported today that the Croc thug, TMX ELMO, was slain again for good measure. Afterwards, the FOD gorged on beers and chicken wings as they celebrated their continued domination over the Crocs.

More good news for today! Witnesses claim that the Knights of the Apocalypse have arrived in Dunningwood and have claimed their first Croc victim!

Sept 11/07 The roar of shotguns broke the silence today as the The Flowers of disease began their second campaign against the Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile in Dunningwood. The number of casualties remains to be seen.

Breaking News!
Witness reports are beginning to come in. Crews were seen with wheelbarrows today hauling the Croc carcasses out into waiting trucks where the bodies were unceremoniously dumped into Lake Dunningwood. Amongst the dead were known offenders:
  • Hawkname
  • Katie La Rue
  • Bizkit66
  • TMX Elmo
  • Eqlizer
  • BennettFU
  • Sneeto
  • Jockler
  • tbwaffles
One witness claims that the evil 'Mrrrghhh' was slain by an unknown assailant inspired by the FOD but not associated with the group.

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