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Drunken Slobs on Parade

They gathered like lichens and moss, covering every square inch of Club Bragge in East Becktown. They are the DHPD, here to partake in drunken debauchery and foolish games while around them, a suburb wilts under the pressure of the dead. All manner of depravity was indulged. They put down their badges and shunned their civic duty. Bong hits and ecstasy induced madness is the order of the day. Innocent citizens beaten, the women passed around like cheap port at Christmas dinner, the list goes on. And in the middle of this den of sin, bare knuckle fist fights with illegal gambling and other associated illicit activities. The wails of the innocent outside go unheard as the citizens of East Becktown are dragged out into the streets kicking and screaming, their bellies opened up, the horrid creatures surrounding them dabbling at the contents within. The city the DHPD has sworn to serve and protect continues it's downward spiral while the revelers punch, kick and drink their way into ignorant bliss.

Campaign Start - May 29/08

Campaign End - June 15/08

Accumulated Drunks put in the Wheelbarrow:

  1. PsychoPhil
  2. razi
  3. Sgt McReedy
  4. mobius6
  5. Bulldog C6
  6. PsychoPhil *2
  7. Robot Eid
  8. Jim Extreme
  9. JSaysNo
  10. Cerrus
  11. Bulldog C6
  12. Codeist
  13. Razi
  14. ZwelgeJe
  15. Frank Castle
  16. FaMzNess
  17. Marty Banks
  18. Bulldog C6 muzzled.
  19. Codeist
  20. Bad Ass Mom
  21. Codeist!
  22. Sam69
  23. Robert Eid
  24. Yer old Pal Codeist!
  25. Bulldog C6 chokes on a milkbone
  26. Zwelgje
  27. FaMzNeSS
  28. Fr4nk Castle

June 15/08

  • Caiger mall was unexpectedly reclaimed in quick fashion. Thus, the FOD spent the week helping with revives, heals and maintaining the cades at Caiger. The week has ended and honor has been upheld. This campaign is henceforth closed. The FOD move towards their next target.

June 11/08

  • Under the terms of the 'Treaty of the Withered Rose', the DHPD and FOD agree to ceasefire. As the DHPD performed better than expected under fire, they have earned a measure of respect from the FOD. The FOD admits they may have misjudged officers based on their drunken tomfoolery at the barfight. As a small gesture of goodwill for the spirited fight they put up (thus waking FOD members from their induced Coma's at the hands of the Knights Templar), the FOD has offered a quick one off strike against a target of the DHPD's choosing. The DHPD has accepted the offer and the target has been chosen.

June 08/08

  • While waiting to see the DHPD's response to their offer, the FOD have begun to move into the Dunnel Hills area to scout and gather information about the ruined suburb.

June 06/08

  • Zwelgje, Famzness and Fr4nk Castle of the DHPD all brought to justice.
  • BREAKING NEWS: The FOD, satisfied with the DHPD work effort, shocks Malton with a stunning peace proposal! A ceasefire has been called amongst FOD while the DHPD consider the offer.

June 05/08

  • Codeist, official punching bag of the FOD, laid low again.
  • While searching a Necrotech facility for a syringe, Hibernaculum felt an evil presence sneak up on him. It was a second too late that he realized his peril. The sinister Bulldog C6 began firing bullets thus extinguishing one of the great minds of Malton.
  • He just knocked off one of my squad members and decided to pass out next to me. what was i supposed to do? :P--Bulldog C6 20:09, 5 June 2008 (BST)
  • In what can only be described as a willing act of desecration, Bulldog C6 wrote on the FOD wiki proper (not the discussion area)! This trespass was not looked upon lightly by FOD member, Aesir Motz who quickly unleashed some frontier justice on Bulldog for his vandalism :)

June 04/08

  • A new day has dawned and with it, the smell of dead DHPD and FOD. Reports from the area are sketchy but it is known that Dog Burger of the FOD smashed DHPD rookie Sam69 to biscuits, only to find himself torn and broken by DHPD veteran, Bulldog C6. Also, a local resident caught on video the awful demise of DHPD hawk, Codeist, who tried to talk Kalenium down from a window ledge and instead was tossed over himself.
  • A late report has surfaced. Robert Eid's head was found today, planted as a grisly hood ornament on one of the DHPD squad cars.

June 03/08

  • The FOD continues it's bitter campaign against the Alpha and Delta squads of the DHPD. The advantage continues to change between the sides with all the back and forth sway of the Trojan War! The contested areas have spread with bodies dropping on both sides in Darval Heights, East Becktown, Molebank...the streets are running with the blood of the fallen.
  • A videotape was captured of further brutality by DHPD madman, Psycho Phil, who Rodney Kinged two FOD members today.
  • The corpse of DHPD member, Bad Ass Mom was found late tonight in a roadside ditch.

June 01/08

  • The bloody conflict continues. THe DHPD have been reported to have picked off a FOD member in Zed form at a revive point. This is an act of desperation by Flotsam, the likes of which the FOD will not lower themselves to. That said, more live DHPD members were tossed onto the pyre today. ZwelgeJe, Frank Castle, FaMzNess and Marty Banks were all brought to justice.

May 31/08

  • Word has come in that Chansama of the FOD has found members of the police mob that bashed in poor Puki and they were brought to justice for their barbarism. Awaiting the handover of evidence to validate this claim.
  • It seems word of Puki's death was premature for he was seen this very morning putting bullets into Bulldog C6
  • The bitter fighting continues into the day. Puki and Hibernaculum both fall for the FOD. 2 more DHPD, Codeist and Razi are slain by Rob Collick.

May 30/08

  • The guns go off as the first of the FOD arrives in East Becktown. The following revelers were dragged out into the open and punished for their slovenly behavior:
  • PsychoPhil*2!!
  • Razi
  • Sgt MCreedy
  • Mobius6
  • Bulldog C6
  • Robot Eid
  • Jim Extreme
  • JSaysno
  • Cerrus

DHPD veterans, even through their drunken haze, realized something was amiss. As Dog Burger chortled with glee at his handiwork, he was shot down by veteran DHPD officers. Some of the officers put down their steins long enough to stagger into the night where they found cruel Puki, AKA: The Butcher of Bragge. He was hung from a street post and bludgeoned to death by the angry mob.

May 24/08

  • With the dreadful Knights Templar of Kempsterbank in the rear view mirror (See campaign archives), the FOD Prepares for a quick strike at an upcoming Flotsam Convention.


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