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General News Archive

Nov 02/08

  • The FOD took a hit today worse than any enemy has thus far inflicted with the retirement of Puki, aka Roland. Coupled with the hiatus of Skilbey and Valerian Disease, the group must now regroup.

August 20/08

  • In a summer full of flotsam, some good news! One of the FOD's founders, Daisy Pusher has returned.

August 19/08

  • The FOD now recognizes the Secret Santas as a sovereign entity unto themselves and not zerg minions of TZH.

August 03/08

  • The FoD has left the Blyvilles having smashed 100 TZH, their sympathizers and zerg alts to biscuits. On the way out of town, some Marven Mall squatters were shown the error of their ways for abiding TZH.

July 5th

  • The FOD brands Team Zombie Hardcore as irredeemable flotsam, unfit to co-exist anywhere the FOD may be in attendance. Although the FOD have already rung up these Nancies, their lame sympathizers and the zerg alts to the tune of 55 corpses so far, there is more work to be done. See current news for more.

May 30/08

  • The Blackhawk Nation have come full circle and have now been added to the 'Anti-Flotsam' list. Hibernaculum and CHeveyo were both there to cut the ribbon bringing forth a new era of prosperity for both groups.

May 17/08

  • The Blackhawk Nation has emerged from their FOD baptism under fire a stronger unit. They have even sent out scout teams to assist in the liberation of Pole Mall having done their part in re-taking own suburb. The same cannot be said for the Knights Templar of Kempsterbank. This once proud group currently displays all the pop of a 90 year old without his blue pills. The moral code of cowardice permeates their every move...They have become a puppet outfit for others having lost the ability to fight for either their suburbs or themselves. It is with great sadness the FOD recognizes that the fires of the KT have gone out.

APRIL 28/08

  • The plot by some anonomous Flotsam to square off the USAI and FOD against one another has failed. The FOD has identified their next target and are enroute.

APRIL 21/08

  • The residents of the SE corner of the Jochim Mall have been put on Flotsam alert. Further inaction to contain the thugs in their midst will surely lead to certain doom for some of their squatting ilk.

APRIL 13/08

  • After a month of hostilities, the FOD has declared the campaign against the Blackhawk Nation at an end with a score of 50-13 in the FOD's favour. The BHN claims 30 members, the majority seemingly not much more than dead weight. Although there were glimpses of potential in the final week, much of this potential remains untapped and buried under the arrogance and incessant cant of certain members. Cheveyo, the leader, and one of his chief henchmen, RealSlimShady were worthy adversaries are are building blocks on which the group can grow. Most of the rank and file, however, are inexperienced, predictable and demonstrating the intelligence of a bag of hammers. The FOD tried it's best to make this group more productive and efficient but for the most part failed. A good number of the Blackhawk Nation are like a bunch of untrained house pets who saunter in and take a dump on the carpet. You scold them, you show them where the box is but they just don't get it. If there is a bright spot, it is that they are fairly new and their leader is skilled and determined. With further refinement, this group may yet become a positive force in the Vinetown area.

April 12/08

  • THe campaign against the BHN winds down. Current count 48-11. With only 2 scalps to go,

FOD marksmen proved their worth over the last month bringing the FOD a decisive victory. Although large in numbers (greatly outnumbering the FOD) the lack of skills possessed by a good number of the Blackhawk nation was evident from the start. There were some notable exceptions to this. The leader of the BHN called Cheveyo and RealslimShady stand out as worthy hunters who's skills are being wasted. However, by and large, the BHN seems to be comprised of second rate slugs such as Orzo Maceirena, Elfangor01, Bunkis et al... Although the BHN have shown some signs of improvement over the last week or so of the campaign, it will be a good riddance to bad rubbish deal once the FoD can leave for greener pastures.

April 01/08

  • Things have stepped up as 12 Blackhawk Nation mongrels were hunted down like rabid dogs and put out of their misery over the last 48 hours. See current news to the right for full details.
Flowers of Disease and friends - 29
Blackhawk Nation and Supporters - 1

March 30/08

  • After spending over a week in Crowbank and rebuilding, the FoD resumes its education of the pro-flotsam group, the Blackhawk Nation.

March 27/08

  • The FoD has brought hope to its chosen area of the suburb they now are working in, showing another side in their quest to educate Flotsam.

March 25/08

  • The FOD has suspended the campaign against the BHN for the time being to attend to other matters.

March 18/08

  • The disgracefull Blackhawk Nation have now taken their place as the most inept group the FOD have ever had the displeasure of killing. Even the Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile and the UBCS Mercs were not this void of skills and tactics when the FOD paid them a visit. The 'hawks were full of bluster and fury at the start with members of the nation coming to the FOD forum to goad us into retalitation during the week of observance. Once that week ended, the 'hawks have now come to pay the price for their antagonism and arrogance. With corpse after corpse turning up, the nation has fled to various locals only to be found and brought to justice. The Blakchawk Nation are woefully unprepared to defend against either Zeds or Pker threats. They have learned nothing of how to survive and have caved at the first sign of a challenge. Due to their underwhelming performance, The FOD has no choice but to extend their mission.

March 17/08

Flowers of Disease and the Forgotten - 15
Blackhawk Nation and Supporters - 1

March 12/08

  • The FoD's week of observance has ended and now the brooms are out. More in the current news section.

March 09/08

  • Things continue to deteriorate between the FOD and the Blackhawk Nation. A motion has been brought forward for approval allowing a declaration of war on these Barbarians for the crimes of interference, murder and also slander against the FOD's good name.

March 08/08

  • The FOD continues to monitor the actions of the evil Blackhawk Nation. Before their eyes, this group of malcontents continues to descend into acts of depravity having now taken to head shots at revive points. Their aggression and desperate acts are more and more looking to be harbingers of their impending doom. The FOD's time in Vinetown was originally planned as a simple strike against cowering mall squatters. However, the Blackhawk Nation have proven to be ignorant barbarians and player killers who will not hesitate to stoop to any means in their unending quest for blood.

March 07/08

  • Class was in session for mall flotsam huddling in the SE corner of Mitchem Mall. See current news for details.
  • Congrats to the newest full members of the FOD: Pvt Boldman and Jimmy Dank who both made their presences felt at the latest strike.

March 06/08

  • 3 new members have come forward and said NO! to Flotsam! Their indoctrination into the FOD way of life is under way with the hope that they will be ready in time for the next full campaign which is creeping ever closer...

Feb 24/08

  • The FOD strike at some of the Bandit Queens and their hangers on. See current campaign news for details.

Feb 19/08

  • The disapointment of the comeback strike behind them, the FOD has located flotsam and is enroute, cleaning products in tow!

Feb 16/08

  • Recruitment Policy changed to allow for those who don't meet the level 10 requirement to join as apprentices. See Recruitment for more details.
  • FOD comeback strike now planned. Keep an eye on the Current Campaign News for updates!
  • Jukebox restored at the Forum! :)
  • WIKI redesigned.

Feb 08/08

  • like a Wraith, Rob Collick arises from his sleep with vengeance in his heart, he rallies a few scattered members and the FoD are back! So watch yours! ;)

DEC 19/07

  • First tour stop information moved to archive.
  • The FOD continues to make preparations for it's Xmas party.
  • Carlos Olivera of the U.B.C.S. Merc-for-hire did not have very nice things to say about the FoD in a recent interview with the BBC. FoD members are to proceed with due caution in dealings with these guys in light of their recent comments.

DEC 05/07

  • Last seen heading North through their old stomping ground of Dunningwood. Much to the chagrin of those who thought there would be a third round of hostilities against the Crocs, it is confirmed this is not the FOD's destination.

NOV 30 2007

  • The FOD, refreshed from the lessons taught at Fort Perryn are now in a festive mood and want to spread the joy! It's festive! It's cliche! It's a tour!

Twas the month before Christmas and all through the 'burbs, the guilty must be punished right down to the alt zergs! the trenchies, flotsam and ninnies were dug in, all trembling with despair, knowing in a few moments, the FOD would be there...

NOV 05/07 FOD members are currently scattered enjoying some well deserved R&R before duty calls again.

NOV04/07 After a meeting between FOD and QSG officals, the 'cade incident was determined to be a misunderstanding. Both groups continued on their way.

NOV03/07 The QSG, thought to be in the past, rears it's ugly head again with the following disregard of the agreement between the FOD and themselves.


Bootsy Funk has been dispatched to investigate.

NOV 01/07

  • 2 new full members were announced today after passing the initiate stage. That brings the group number to 14 out of a possible 16 spots.

OCT 28/07

  • The FOD forum has been struck with technical difficulties! Hibernaculum scrambles for an alternative!

OCT 26/07

  • Two new intiates have begun their training today.

OCT 24/07

  • A new full member has been welcomed to the FOD today. The justice continues.

OCT 21/07

  • The beloved FOD Wiki was desecrated again today. The perpetrator this time was Vandr, although for our purposes, he is currently going by the name of Sirkus of the QSG.

OCT 17/07

  • The beloved FOD Wiki was vandalized yet again by an unhappy camper! The culprit this time has been identified as QSG member, Budhagazelle.

OCT 11/07

OCT 10/07 A vote was held by FOD members on a new target for the next full campaign. A winner was chosen by majority vote. Last minute preparations are being made and members are beginning the journey towards the new target. In other news, another new member was promoted to full member status today.

Oct 03/07 The beloved FOD Wiki was vandalized today! After viewing surveillance tapes, the culprit has been identified as someone known as Trey88.

Oct 01/07 With Dunningwood now in the rear view mirror, the FOD takes a well deserved rest while they Plan their next move. In other news, a new member was promoted to full FOD member status. Another has joined and is currently in the trials.

Sept 29/07 As the second campaign against the Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile nears it's bloody end, the Tabula Rasa have been busy investigating new candidates for the next campaign. A decision looks to be a week or so away. Another quick strike, similar to the one undertaken at Fort Creedy earlier this month, is in the planning stage to bridge the gap between the Crocs and the next full campaign.

Sept 23/07 Some busybody without knowledge of the hostilities between the FOD and Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile reported one of the FOD to the Brainstock rogues gallery. This report was for the slaying of one of Bizkit66's zerg alts. The so called 'Bounty Hunters' who operate from this list are advised to stay out of FOD business or they will suffer the consequences.

Sept 21/07 This week saw two new members promoted to full FOD member status. Another was wished well and sent on his way.

Sept 18/07 The FOD and Sociopath apostles have entered into an alliance against the Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile.

Sept 17/07 2 members were awarded the Golden Bullet ranking today by the Tabula Rasa. In other news, members eligible to vote elected to permanently shelve the Legion of the Octopope campaign. Due to their peculiar nature, the 'popes were mistakenly lumped in as another Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile. Subsequent investigation found there was not enough evidence to warrant an FOD 'visit'.

Sept 14/07 Reports have emerged that Flowers of Disease and Leighton Kru have established diplomatic ties for future campaigns.

Sept 10/07 The Flowers of Disease forge an alliance with the Knights of the Apocalypse.

Sept 05/07 By group vote, the planned campaign against the Legion of the Octopope has been suspended and pushed back to a later date.

Sept 02/07 With the successful campaign against the Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile completed, The FOD has left Dunningwood and has begun the long trek towards their next target.

Aug. 12/07 Hibernaculum, Rob Collick and Daisy Pusher form the 'Flowers of Disease'.

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