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  • Due to the passing vote to engage a more worthy target, the FOD ends its campaign against the KT with 30 confirmed kills. The KT is Irredeemably flawed and beyond the powers of the FOD to help. It is with sadness we leave this outfit. They have now been added with the Cult of the Stuffed Crocodile as groups new FOD initiates will cut their teeth on as part of the FOD initiation process. With this dubious honor, their legacy of FLotsam is cemented.

Current News

A revival is coming. A revival of a once proud group now resting on it's laurels. The likes of Detulux and even the Blackhawk Nation, far from home, attempt to retake Kempsterbank and the feeder mall to the south. But the Knights Templar only watch from a safe distance. Showing some upside in heals and revives, the KT are not completely without hope but they have lost the punch that once made them staunch defenders of Kempsterbank. From their battles with the Malton Mob and RRF, they showed they could be a force for change (ok, maybe not but they tried!). But then something happened. Over the last year, the group descended into sloth. The members at the time found themselves without a working forum and it was many months before it was fixed...during that time comms broke down and the knights were a disorganized, ineffective mess. With no leadership forthcoming, the group seemed to fizzle out while the lost ones scattered along Leto's Golden Path....The Knights Templar fell with all the weight of a fallen god.

Knights Templar Denied the Holy Grail

  1. ferrum leo
  2. Jonathan Kynde
  3. Gakul
  4. Big JD, not to be confused with Little JD.
  5. Beno HR
  6. Big JD again
  7. Finny McGhee
  8. Going Mad
  9. Going Mad...still...down down down...
  10. Knight of Doom
  11. Finny McGhee, the bell tolls for thee!
  12. Big JD...1..2..3
  13. Knight of Doom slain
  14. Finny McGhee by the guns of Rob Collick.
  15. Gakul down with the tramps
  16. Eat your Beno
  17. Gakul some more
  18. Beno
  19. Big JD again
  20. Goingmad goes to the grave
  21. Jonathan KYnde
  22. Big JD, thus buds for thee!
  23. Big JD getting shlacked like a seaside outhouse on the 4th of July
  24. Knight of Doom pays the ferryman again
  25. GOing made going bye bye!
  26. FInny McGhee brought to justice
  27. Jonathan Kynde twisted and broken
  28. Beno HR, master of the fireaxe, dropped like a bad habit
  29. Gakul beaten like a red-headed step child
  30. THe sun sets forever on Knight of Doom

May 22/08

  • THe Knights Templar have been declared 'Irredeemable Flotsam', slugs of the highest order. THeir leader has lost the capacity for speech leaving the zealot Beno to speak on behalf of the group. Preparations have been made for the next campaign and FOD members quickly wash in tomato juice and other remedies to get the stink of the KT off them. GOod RIddence to Bad RUbbish!

May 18/08

  • And so on it goes. More KT dropped while the FOD begins preparation for the next campaign.
  • A new recruit has begun his training today.

May 16/08

  • The life shown was only a fart in the collective KT sleep. They continue to plod along relying on second rate groups like 'The Fortress' to keep them afloat and offer direction. It would seem any semblance to the KT of yore is long gone, only a washed up husk remains. That said, Big JD was made to pay once more for this piss pot poor effort shown under his watch.

May 14/08

  • Jaques Blanc slain by a templar knight. They begin to show some signs of life.

May 13/08

  • Members of the Fod pinch themselves to make sure they are awake. Have the KT really come to this?

May 11/08

  • Members of the FOD continue to poke at the KT while other members begin arriving in the area for more sustained attack. Big JD and Finny McGhee met their ends today.

May 09/08

  • The first stage of the Knight Templar Revival has begun with FOD testing out a few soft spots with some sporadic attacks. The Templars seem unaware or have chosen to ignore the FOD presence. Perhaps they have written off the deaths as random acts of violence.
  • The elephant in the room remains the Zed presence, which is at a healthy amount though the numbers are going down.

May 06/08

  • The observance has come to an end. A once proud group must be reminded of what it used to be.


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