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Fallen Saints

Start Date: Oct 29/08

End Date: On Going.

Principles: FOD and Saints

Guest Appearances: Lord Moloch

They roam Malton, an ungodly brood of criminals and vagrants. They travel under the guise of kindly men and women of God but underneath the slick veneer rests souls of hypocrisy and rot. They are The Saints. For too long, these Pkers have plied their evil trade, Killing in cold blood, all the while enjoying all the protection never being on the Rogues Gallery affords. While other groups must hunt and track the old fashioned way, these second rate charlatans and flim flam men enjoy an unfair advantage over the hard working people who would oppose them. That advantage vanished the moment they caught the eye of the FOD. Now the guilty will be punished, the criminals brought to justice by any means possible.

Saints sent to Heaven

  1. Nicholas Risto gets the hard goodbye
  2. Saint Gambi planted
  3. Ciscokitty
  4. Ryan Lynch
  5. GlennB
  6. Chromegirl
  7. Ryan Lynch...again
  8. Lunatoon
  9. Nick Risto...the encore
  10. Cameron Vale
  11. Ryan Lynch, the pipes...the pipes are calling. And you must go, and you must go and you must go...
  12. ChromeGirl meets Saint Peter
  13. Saint Giambi
  14. Saint Giambi...The Sequel
  15. Lunatoon...that's all folks!
  16. Ryan Lynch, the FOD's very own punching bag takes another shot to the chin
  17. Aiden Fury
  18. Aiden Fury, the encore
  19. the jolly interloper
  20. Chromegirl
  21. Nicholas Risto
  22. the jolly interloper, not so jolly anymore
  23. Ryan Lynch
  24. Cameron Vale
  25. Ahriam
  26. Ahriam again


  1. Strayla
  2. Sdguo


FOD - 26

Saints - 11

Nov 26/08

  • With the Saints too weak to provide any real fight, and the members growing tired of hearing their excuses, the FOD has decided to move on to another target in the hopes of getting that disgusting taste out of their mouths. The FOD will now kill Saints on sight, but will not continue the focussed campaign.
    • There's been some confusion regarding new recruits to the Saints who have killed and been killed, but were prior assumed to be imposters and hence not hunted. The kill counts for both sides have been updated to as close as can be estimated.

Nov 12/08

  • More Saints are slain. As well, reports have come in on two more Saintly deliveries with Ben Harding and Hibernaculum being the victims.

Nov 04/08

  • What the FOD giveth, the FOD now taketh away. In this case, what was taken was the life of the criminal, Cameron Vale.

Nov 03/08

  • Evidence has surfaced showing the death of Puki at the bloody hands of Saint Gambi. Enraged, Darlocke crushed both Ryan Lunch and ChromeGirl to death with his bare hands.
  • As the cold of winter begins to set in, so too does the icy chill of the grave for Lunatoon and Nick Risto. Tragically, Ben Harding joins them in rot due to the sinister machinations of Cameron Vale.

Nov 02/08

  • Rob Collick keeps his promise to Ryan Lynch and sees him to the grave. GlennB stomped on by Aesir Motz.
  • The Saints continue their acts of barbarism with the murder of Hibernaculum by the insane Saint Gambi.

Nov 01/08

  • Nicholas Risto, Saint Gambi and Ciscokitty all smashed to biscuits.

October 29/08

  • Hibernaculum finds Strayla and Sdguo. He dropped the Genny and Fuel and decided to take a shot at the kill as well. His low AP got the best of him. However, low AP should be no excuse for flotsam such as this to escape. Flotsam must be disposed of by any means available. Hence, after a tip, Lord Moloch was able to save the day and bring justice down upon the two guilty parties.


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