Followers of the Apocalypse

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Followers of the Apocalypse
Group Numbers: Volunteer Group
Leadership: Defender Of The Weak - Team Founder/Leader
Recruitment Policy: Contact Defender Of The Weak
Contact: Defender of the Weak

Who are the Followers of the Apocalypse?

The Followers of the Apocalypse are not a religious or cult group, but we are dedicated to rebuilding and renovating this wasteland of a city, and to ensuring that humanity does not repeat the mistakes that led to Malton's undead infestation. Namely greed, stupidity, cruelty, and other faults in human nature when untended to. Our HQ is in the former Trick Museum.

Rules and Regulations

1.) NO HARMING THY NEIGHBOR! No Player Kills, we are all in this mess together, infighting while ghoulish monstrosities are tearing at our already fragile sanities and systems will NOT help our cause. Any unauthorized PK'ing will result in demotion or expulsion if it tends to become a grisly habit or pastime. Defender Of The Weak 01:57, 2 February 2011 (UTC)

2.) BRING LIGHT, NOT SHADOW Something that should be very, very simple to understand. Generators are good, they give us light and electricity, and make it easier to forage for already scarce parcels of food and medical supplies. No destroying, being rough with, or dry humping of generators. On a more serious note, generators and not easy to come by, and even if they were you should treat other's things with respect. GK'ing results in demotion and suspension until further notice.

Recruitment Policy

1.) NO ZERGING Really there are two rules to this awesome game, no zerging, and enjoy the game. I'm pretty sure you're enjoying the game if you've decided to join a group in it, but no having your alts help with here in any way, only one you allowed.

2.) DEFENSIVE SKILLS REQUIRED This is a clan where repair and healing skills are the most important, so you'll need at least one Defensive skill if you want to join, the skills in our required listing being: Diagnosis, Lab Experience, First Aid, and Construction. You can have other skills along with these, but again it is stated you need at least one of the aforementioned skills to join.


Active Members

Defender Of The Weak -LEADER

Jeffrey West

The AnarchoTerrorist



Inactive Members

Pending Members



NEW GOAL!-No doubt this will take a very, incredibly long time, but for now the ultimate long term goal is reclaiming Ridleybank. But for now, just to bring our group population to five so we can be more effective in spreading knowledge. --Defender Of The Weak 21:10, 24 February 2011 (UTC)

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