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*** Need a revive at Fort Perryn? Click here. ***

Fort Perryn Barricade Policy

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  • Gatehouse barricades:
    • VSB on Wednesdays and Sundays (00:00-23:59 GMT)
    • EHB at all other times
  • Armory and Infirmary -- VSB at all times
  • Barracks, Storehouses and Vehicle Depot -- EHB

The following link shows the current time in GMT:

Why do barricades vary between EHB and VSB?

Having the gatehouse barricaded to EHB keeps the fort safe by reducing zombie break-ins and preventing PKers and GKers from destroying generators and killing survivors inside the fort. All of these problems are very costly to deal with in terms of survivor AP.

However, VSB barricades are also necessary to allow freedom of movement for survivors wishing to enter or leave the fort -- and to allow fallen survivors who are killed during a break-in to re-enter the fort once they have been revived.

Therefore, scheduled EHB/VSB barricade times provide a balance between protecting survivors inside the fort and allowing reinforcements and freedom of movement (using well established and predictable times that avoid wasting survivor AP).

  • The 24-hour period ensures that no survivors are excluded simply because they are in the 'wrong' timezone.
  • Wednesdays and Sundays are chosen to accommodate both weekend- and weekday-only players.
  • GMT is used simply because it falls in the middle of the internationally recognized timezones.

Why are the Armory and Infirmary at VSB?

  • The Armory must be kept at VSB at all times otherwise there is no way in. (Due to its "defensive design," there is no way to freerun into the Armory).
  • The Infirmary is also kept at VSB to allow entry for newer players, who may not yet have the free-running skill. This allows new players - who may not yet have combat or barricading skills - to contribute during a seige, by searching for FAKs and keeping more experienced survivors healed. The Infirmary is also the best place for new survivors to gain XP if required, where they can search for FAKs and stab / heal each other for XP.
  • Since all other fort buildings *can* be reached via free-running from the Armory (although not from the Gatehouse -- this always places you outside), they are kept at EHB for maximum protection during a seige.



How to defend a fort

  • 1. NO COMBAT REVIVES - Never, ever, ever combat revive a zombie. You waste AP, give a zombie an opportunity to spy around the fort and wreak havoc. Plus you abandon the dead survivor who could have really used that needle. What more is there to say? Combat reviving is stupid; don't do it.

  • 2. Sleep in the Gatehouse - Unless you are infected or critically injured (12HP or less and vulnerable to Feeding Drag) everyone should sleep in the Gatehouse when logging off, regardless of how you spend your AP while logged on.

Why? The Gatehouse is critical to holding the fort because it keeps zombies outside and prevents damage to the Armoury and other resource buildings. However, if there are no survivors in the Gatehouse (or few enough that the zombies can kill them after breaking in) the zombies can ransack the building. This means that it can no longer be barricaded and survivors cannot repair the damage until all zombies have been cleared out (a virtually impossible task once the 'cades are down -- since any zombies that are killed can simply stand right back up to get full HP again and step back inside for 1AP).

Additionally, having high numbers of survivors present seems to help prevent zombies lurching into your way when trying to rebuild barricades during a break-in.

  • 3. Zerging is cheating - Please don't do it. Zerging is cheating and is not tolerated at Fort Perryn.

  • 4. Don't kill zombies outside the gatehouse - When the Gatehouse is at VSB, inexperienced players are often tempted to step outside and waste AP and ammo on the zombies outside. Don't do it! It's a tremendous waste of AP and ammo and the zombies will just stand up for a handful of AP (much less than you spent killing them) and get full HP again immediately upon logging back in. Save your ammo and AP for dealing with actual break-ins.

I died. How can I get a revive?

There are active revive points outside the fort at the following locations (see map of Whittenside):

For faster revives, move to one of the above revive points, and then make a request using the DEM revive request tool by clicking on the link for the appropriate revive point in the list above. Or post a revive request directly on our forum, at

Where can I find out more?

  • Visit our Forum to sign-up with the FPDF or co-ordinate with us to help defend the fort and surrounding areas.
  • Check out the Fort Perryn wiki page for more information about search probabilities inside the fort and other useful info.

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