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Founded in 1960's by Major Zero. This squad protects any resident in their respective area.

FOX Unit (Force Operation X)
Foxlogo (1).jpg
Abbreviation: FOX
Group Numbers: confidential
Leadership: Mr Watt
Goals: Search and Destroy
Recruitment Policy: PHOBIA
Contact: Mr Watt

Info of The Group

The real FOX was created in 2008 but was later disbanded, this is the new FOX. With new sub-groups the Magsaya Faction and the KORA ( Knight of the Raven Alliance ). It was founded by Major Zero and was regrouped in 2011. FOX is starting to add more members. Now FOX patrols areas surrounding Roachtown. Its members are stationed in Roachtown, Ketchelbank, Huntley Heights and Eastonwood. It is a group of elite military personnel and other civillians . This unit seeks a secure and resourceful base of operation. It's former leader are Major Zero, Lawliet, Matthew Pa and Dr. Sokolov. We are the last sons of The Boss, we have lived and died together. New leaders Colonel Cross and Matthew Pa(inactive). No leaders. In the beginning of 2012 the group was taken over by the charismatic and quite insane Mr Watt. All members stated calling him the Exalted leader and took up arms to serve as his elite gaurd throughout the hellish City of Malton.

This Group is a subsidiary of PHOBIA


The Rest Of Malton!

We fight all zombies and also human traitors and balancers. As long as we are alive we will continue to fight. Then when we be dead we will Nom Nom Nom!

The FOX Unit's Creed:

I.We look after are own

II. If they slow us down, leave them

III. Fight with what you have

IV. Kill or Die

V. Killing one will save thousands, so kill thousands

VI. We fight for ourselves and die for others

VII. The moment you close your eyes on the battlefield is the moment you never open them again.

VIII. Die as one but save a dozen

IX. Die well, Live Free

X. A name means nothing on the battlefield. After a week, no one has a name (except for Gary)

XI. One must die, and one must live (there can be only one!)

XII. Death is tragic but life is miserable

XIII. Use superior force of arms to achieve superior force of will


General-able can command all of the unit in FOX. Able to pick his own safe house. He is also able to disband a subgroup. All subgroup creation must be approved by a General. The General is the highest commanding officer.

Admiral-serves as the generals adviser. Also serves as a Ambassador to other groups. Serves as the substitute of the General in his absence.

Colonel-able to create his own subgroup. Can command most of FOX' units. All missions are can only be available if he allows it.

Captain-leads his own units to battle. He units are selected by him or a higher ranking official.

Lieutenant-serves as the second in command of the captain. He can directly talk to the General. He will be the first to respond in any situation. He can recruit members for FOX. He will be also the one to report to the General if the captain is misbehaving.

Sergeant-same as the lieutenant only a lower class. He will be the one to research about the new recruits.

Corporal-has higher position than the private. He can now be promoted to higher positions. He will train the privates.

Private-new recruits. Must obey all orders of higher officers.


To join our group please visit our masters page at PHOBIA