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Free Militia
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Free Militia
Abbreviation: FM
Group Numbers: 10 and growing
Leadership: 5 Colonels elected by various unit commanders, Brigadier General in times of emergency
Goals: To act as a decentralized yet effective survivor group to hold off zombie and PKer threats
Recruitment Policy: Sign up on our forum and report in
Contact: Contact a member directly or our forum

When all other responses have failed it falls to the people to defend their homes against the hordes. We are the Free Militia, survivors who work for the common cause of Prosperity, Liberty, and Glory, who recognize the value of a large organization yet cherish the freedom granted by small group membership.


We are, like many other survivor groups, aimed at dealing with the threats of zombies and PKers. We recognize the best manner in which to do so is to be able to leverage considerable numbers against such threats yet recognize that large, inflexible organizations such as the DEM or the U.S. ARMY INFANTRY tend to run afoul of their own size and in their case size works against them in some matters. We wish to circumvent this problem.

So why join with you

After all, by our own admission we seem to be yet another zombie-killing survivor group. This one is very different in that while we seek to work as a large group like the others we wish to retain the flexibility, bonds of fellowship, and initiative the smaller groups possess. As such, any seeking to join us would have the benefits, in time, of the power large groups can offer without feeling like you are giving anything up in the process.

Our Motto

Our Motto sums up what we seek to do in Malton, summarized in each of the three points:

Prosperity: Simply put, survive, thrive, and flourish amidst the ruins of this city. That can and has been done in more secure parts of Malton and we wish to bring this stability to all of Malton.

Liberty: We wish to preserve the freedoms and individuality of all members and refuse to reduce any members to nothing more than one cog in a giant machine.

Glory: This is very straightforward, while we may not actively seek trouble when trouble comes to us we will give it the best we've got and then some. The glory of victory outlives all of us, while we do not actively hunt down enemies and put ourselves or others in danger in reckless sieges, we do not shy away from a fight if it is worth fighting.

How to Join

Head to our forum here and speak with the closest militia to your location if you wish to serve in the Home Guard or if desiring a more mobile approach speak with the Ranger units. If neither appeal to your liking you can request to commission a new unit.


Yes, like many other groups we have a template! If you are active on the wiki and want to show your allegiance to the Free Militia, put the following template on your profile:

BannerFM.PNG For Prosperity, Liberty, Glory
This user is a member of the Free Militia

Entered with the following code:



We can be contacted either through our forum, on our talk page here, by talking to any posted officers, or on the radio frequency we'll be using for the moment at 28.09 MHz.

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