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Under-constgruction-transparent.png Free Running is under construction.
It is either not completed or is about a subject or event which has yet to finish.
Feel free to check back later for an update in information.

Free Running is a military skill that enables survivors to travel between buildings without stepping outdoors. This allows survivors to bypass significant obstacles such as hordes or barricades, which would otherwise be dangerous or impossible to overcome. Because of this ability, it is often recommended that players who plan on spending time as a survivor purchase this skill early on.

Players who choose the scout class automatically start the game with Free Running.


Like all military skills, Free Running costs 75xp for military characters, 100xp for civilians, and 150xp for scientists. Zombies may buy the skill for 100xp if revived, but can only use it while alive.

Free Running is a passive skill; survivors will automatically use it while traveling between adjacent buildings. This contrasts with zombies and survivors without free Running, who will simply appear outside their target building when attempting similar movement.


Several in-game mechanics revolve around or are based on the use of Free Running. These include:

Bypassing Barricades

Currently, Free Running is the only way to enter a building that has been barricaded to "Heavily Barricaded" or higher. This enables survivors to create Free Running lanes and entry points. In the former tactic, survivors maintain a route of connected Extremely Heavily Barricaded safehouses to enable safe travel within a region; in the latter, certain buildings are set at Very Strongly Barricaded, allowing entry to free running lanes and and high profile targets sucha s Necrotech Buildings or malls. In order to facilitate these strategies, survivors in an area commonly institute and maintain Barricade Plans.


A notable exception to free running's power exists in ruined buildings. Survivors who attempt to free run into a ruined building will receive the message

You find your route blocked by a collapsed wall, and are forced to street level.

and be forced to the street, as if they did not have free running. In addition, there is a <X>% chance the survivor will receive 5HP in "fall damage," in which case the message

You lose your footing on the ruined building, and fall to the street below, injuring yourself.

Will be displayed. Survivors cannot be killed by fall damage; any fall that would deal fatal damage instead will leave the survivor at 1HP.

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