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Freelance Military Operations
Abbreviation: FMO
Group Numbers: 28
Leadership: Kaisuke
Goals: To become the most influential mercenary organization in Malton
Recruitment Policy: Open to any one willing to fight.
Contact: or the forums
Radiotransmission.gif Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.47 MHz
Transmitter coordinates:The Osbourne Building

Freelance Military Operations went inactive officially on May 8, 2008, 11:02am

FMO's Story

As word of the zombie crisis in Malton spread through the world media, many private military organisations sent in there finest mercenaries to reap the rewards of a war-torn city. Freelance Military Operations was one of those organizations, they air dropped the veteran mercenary and skilled leader, Kaisuke into the city to create and maintain a branch of FMO within the city itself.

The Organization's Goal

Freelance Military Operations goal is to arrange a dedicated and highly skilled fighting force, able to respond to any threat and accomplish any objective set before them.
This will happen through the work of our members helping to...
-Capture the objectives given by FMO,
-Fulfill contracts from other groups or organisations,
-Aid the newer and less skilled members become more advanced through rigorous training and experience through combat.
-Be the most successful military and mercenary company operating in Malton.

Signing Up

we are open to any human player that is willing to follow our few guidelines and will respond to calls of duty when needed.


Or visit our forums to apply.

Our units have completed the Dulston leg of our operations.


Any group, human or zombie can hire our troops to do there bidding through the use of contracts.
Our members may be able to help you with:
-Capturing important building during sieges
-Bounty Hunting on known PKers or personal enemies
-Eliminating zombie presence in a certain area
or any other services that you may need.
all we ask is that you remember our services and continue to hire us, in return for support when we need it, and access to your resources.

Submit your contract here!

In Service

1. Kaisuke - Head of operations (inactive);
2. Anschluzer2 - Civilian (big bash);
3. Tionod Ousu - Civilian;
4. Moosed - Military;
5. Eteocles - Military (inactive);
6. Kurosakuras - Civilian;
7. Ntre - Civilian (inactive);
8. XV88 - Military;
9. Caine LaCroix - Military (inactive);
10. Smokejumper02 - Civilian (inactive);
11. Naa - Military (Caiger Mall survivor);
12. Ratrave666 - Military (inactive);
13. Nacht Krieger - Military;
14. Twy - Military (inactive);
15. KyosukeY - Military;
16. Daniel Storm - Civilian;
17. Darklord846 - Military;
18. Christheimp - Civillian;
19. Sam Night - Civilian (inactive);
20. AtomicReviver - Scientist (inactive);
21. XavierHarper - Military;
22. Kissaki - Civilian;
23. Sully681 - Civilian;
24. Dovecz Norbert - Civilian (inactive);
25. Craft Erzi - Civilian;
26. Brother Doobie - Civilian;
27. Vissini - Civilian;
28. Treviabot92 - Military (might become new leader);


As the original founder of FMO having checked up on the forum, i officially pronounce FMO inactive.--Kaisuke 17:15, 24 June 2008 (BST)


80px-Prison.gif Prison tactics
This user/group supports Prison tactics

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