Frontier Guardsmen

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Frontier Guardsmen
Abbreviation: FG
Group Numbers: 5+
Leadership: Xiang Shang
Goals: Live by the Code and exterminate all hostile zombies in Malton.
Recruitment Policy: Only residents of the Frontier Palace are allowed to join.
Contact: None

The Frontier Guardsmen is a relatively new group of survivors, but in no way does that mean they're harmless. If the multitude of zombies they have slain could only speak coherently, they'll surely tell you that the group is no noob troop.

With its diverse members being avid supporters of the ancient Chinese kingdoms of Shu, Wei, Wu and Yuan; it's a remarkable sight to see them all working together towards one goal, seeing that the respective kingdoms they support are fierce rivals.

They're fairly recognizable by their penchant of wearing old Han Dynasty era armors.

The Code

A lethal band of warriors needs two things to fully function as a unit; a leader and a list of policies. Thus the Code was formed.

All Guardsmen are bound by oath to live their lives strictly by the Code.

  • We safeguard the group's name with our lives. Therefore there shall be no PKing, trashtalking and base stealing with the other players.
  • Always wear your "old Han Dynasty era armor".
  • If we ever find ourselves being besieged by numerous foes; we will stand our ground rather than break our lines. There are no cowards among the Guardsmen.
  • The Supreme Commander's orders are to be obeyed. You can question his sanity but you will obey.


  • The Frontier Guardsmen took part in the siege of Woodroffe Mall alongside other survivor groups. When the mall fell, they were forced to retreat and regroup far far away from Tollyton.
  • During the Siege of Caiger Mall, the Frontier Guardsmen sent Li Kui and Zhang Xun as the groups official envoy.


The Rivals

The Jin Dynasty has declared absolute war against the Guardsmen. They must now be extremely wary.

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