Frye Alley Police Department

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Frye Alley Police Department
EHB and powered up.
Mafiamanz (talk) 10:09, 23 April 2020 (UTC)
Frye Alley Police Department

Foulkes Village [6, 88]

Rendall Plaza Richings Crescent Ayers Cinema
Perrye Towers Frye Alley Police Department Swonnell Place
the Carr Monument Daunt Park Quekett Road

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.

Frye Alley Police Department


This large red-brick building, whose facade is beginning to crumble, was founded by the City of Malton when Foulkes Village was annexed.

Formerly run by the Legion of the Octopope, the Malton Tactical Defense and Rescue squad once made this building their headquarters. Umbrella's Blue Team and members of the Crew Avenue Police Department could usually be found here as well. The citizens of Foulkes Village often refered to this area as the "safest place in Malton".


Legion of the Octopope

Occupation - Although the Legion of the Octopope never officially claimed jurisdiction over Frye Alley PD, they often referred to it as their own. They would use the building to restock on ammunition, and usually leave a single sentry in charge. Maintanance was not a priority, but the survivors in the area found it relieving to have a clan in the area defending them.

Policy - Former policy from the Octopope has been all but forgotten, but historians have been able to piece together this much: Barricading policy was Heavily or higher, using one of the surrounding buildings as an entry point. The station was kept lit, and when the generator ran out of fuel, it often took awhile to refuel. The Octo-Legion didn't deem the protection of Frye Alley PD a high priority, next to their sworn allegiance to protect the nearby Henley NecroTech facility nearby.

Clan Support - The CAPD supported the Octopope's occupation, but would place constant streams of propaganda in the area to recruit new officers, with varying results. The South West Alliance officially recognized the Octopope's protection of the station. With the help of the former doctors, the Octopope's followers would heal any survivors straggling in. A revive point was set up nearby, and it would later compete directly with the MTDR revive point. This was moved to neighboring New Arkham to better serve the community.

The First Crusade - January 2007 to March 2007: After The First Crusade's first attack and the Octopope's defeat at the hands of the RRF in Ruddlebank during the Mall Tour '07, the station served as the main ammo replenishing station when they returned. After defending themselves from slight zombie attacks, the Octo-Legionnaires found themselves spending a week in the station, restocking. Shortly thereafter, they stormed Ruddlebank and cleansed it of enemy forces.

Malton Tactical Defense and Rescue

Arrival - The Malton Tactical Defense and Rescue squad arrived on July 29, 2009. MTDR founder, Frost12, had been traveling from Roachtown across the city looking for a place to stay when he found Foulkes Village. Frye Alley PD had no power, it was ransacked, blood-stained, and only two survivors had taken refuge there, neither affiliated with a clan. Luckily, there was a powered down radio transmitter that was still serviceable. The radio was tuned to 27.09, official MTDR frequency, but survivors were free to use the radio. After a short trip to Tompson Mall and installation of a generator, the MTDR began to move in.

Influx of Survivors - With the group now running the station, a barricade policy was in place for VSB++, and survivors began to slowly move in. After some problems with keeping the generator fueled, the "fuel if you have it" rule was put in place, and after a couple of months the station was brimming with survivors, most of which were not members of MTDR. Eventually, enough survivors had arrived so that a revive point was created one block north of the station at Richings Crescent.

Attention from Other Clans - The Crew Avenue Police Department warmly welcomed the new squad, and dispatched officers to aid in construction. Soon, the MTDR was big enough to sustain itself and the CAPD remained their closest ally. The Umbrella Corporation had their Blue Team stationed in Malton, but the MTDR had trouble with communications with them. Commander Pena, head of Blue Team, sent an emissary to MTDR forums, beginning a dialouge, resulting in the MTDR gaining another trusted ally. Blue Team members can often be found stocking up on ammo in the station as well.

Breaking Away - By October of 2009, the Frye Alley PD was easily one of the safest places in Southwest Malton, and the MTDR finally had established itself as a clan. However, the Undeadites moved into the area and all of the clans in Foulkes was forced to defend themselves (see below for details about how the Frye Alley PD was involved). After this incident, the MTDR decided to break away from the station's current authority, the Legion of the Octopope. With help from the CAPD, they quickly got it done and the Octopope now operate out of the Henley building, two blocks east of the station. The MTDR, now with jurisdiction, continued to shape the station into a safe, fortified haven for survivors. However, a post in the Octopope's forum was not made until November 19, 2009.

Notable Attacks

Undeadites - In October of 2009, the the Undeadites invaded Foulkes Village. The CAPD became a prime target, and the MTDR was left to defend the station and nearby establishments. The attack lasted nearly a full month, but eventually survivor forces were able to keep the zombies in check, finally driving out the zeds.

MOB - In December of 2009 and into January of 2010, the Militant Order of Barhah attacked Foulkes Village and ruined the entire suburb including Frye Alley PD. After about a month or two, the MOB began to vacate the area, leaving ferals in their wake to keep the building occupied.

Barricade Policy

Barricades to be maintained at EHB+2 at all times

Current Status

23rd April 2020 - Checked from the outside. EHB. Mafiamanz (talk) 10:08, 23 April 2020 (UTC)

Feb 26, 2019 - No sign of any groups operating here, just some rotter zed that got an eviction notice. Barricaded up and found a couple clips, this place stinks like death... --MR2Di4 (talk) 14:06, 26 February 2019 (UTC)

Jul 1, 2011 - Umbrella Corporation's Blue Team awaits claim for the building by MTDR --Commander Pena

Jun 30, 2011 - Umbrella's Blue Team initial sweep confirmed the disappearance of MTDR from the area: they were unable to find any members of MTDR at the time. --Commander Pena

Oct 25, 2009 - The MTDR successfully defended the station from the Undeadites, even going as far as defending the Etheldreda General Hospital nearby. --Jediapprentice6700

Jul 29, 2009 - Malton Tactical Defense and Rescue moved in on July 29th, 2009. --Killerz118

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