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Please note that the Good Article procedure is no longer in use. Please see UDWiki:Featured Articles.

Good Article Voting
Here, we determine which articles are deemed to be "Good" Articles. These are seen as some of the best the wiki has to offer and can include virtually any page on the wiki.

Articles which have been given good article status, become eligible to become Featured Articles with a new Good Article being voted to receive that honour every week.


  • NPOV - The article must be from a neutral point of view and not show significant bias. Possible exceptions may be made, depending on the article and community opinion.
  • Complete - It neglects no major facts or details and places the subject in context.
  • Well Written - The article uses good English, such as proper grammar and spelling and is written in a clear and highly readable style.
  • Generally Awesome - Here at the wiki, we're after stuff that's awesome.

Any main namespace article (also including user pages and journal pages if they are thought to fulfil the above criteria) can be nominated for good article status. The nomination will be discussed and if there are no major issues raised at the end of 7 days, the article is promoted to Good status and will be added to the Featured Article Pool for the coming week.

Articles that are deemed "good" will be placed in the Good Article Category for easy findage. The page will also have the {{GA}} template placed onto it. If a nomination is declined by the page owner then the nomination should be cycled without the page being added to the Good Article Category.


Good Article candidate

Good Article candidate has recently undergone a lot of improvement from various editors. It's NPOV, it's concise and informative. I also believe it to be generally awesome, just take a look at the talk page discussion, people love it! --GA Suggester 20:29, 3 April 2009 (BST)


  1. Yes - I see only a few minor issues, but those seem to be fixed readily. Otherwise it's good. --OptimistBob 20:29, 3 April 2009 (BST)
  2. Love it! --Few Words Joe 20:29, 3 April 2009 (BST)
  3. Yes - Maintains good article balance, strong intro, accurate information, good grammar and spelling. Well wikified. --Overly Technical Jim 20:29, 3 April 2009 (BST)
  4. Yes - Much better than all the other candidates. --BetterMuch Ralph 20:29, 3 April 2009 (BST)
  5. Yes - I like this part here. --Specific Jen 20:29, 3 April 2009 (BST)


  1. No - I don't like it. --Unspecific Sam 07:00, 8 December 2010 (UTC)
  2. No - This issue here needs to be addressed. --Issue Lue 07:00, 8 December 2010 (UTC)

Please add {{GoodArticleNom}} to any page that has been nominated.

New Nominations

Amusing Locations in Malton



  • Yes - Cause in retrospect the images alone deserve showcasing. DANCEDANCEREVOLUTION (TALK | CONTRIBS) 08:09, 19 March 2012 (UTC)
  • Humourous Suggestion - This shouldn't be on the main space. Oh wait, this isn't the suggestions page. :P --•▬ ▬••▬ • •••• •▬ ▬•▬• ▬•▬ #nerftemplatedsigs 12:57, 19 March 2012 (UTC)
  • Seriously one of the best articles on the wiki. ~Vsig.png 01:20, 20 March 2012 (UTC)
  • Yes - Excellent article. --Papa Moloch 05:08, 20 March 2012 (UTC)


  • clearly there are no standards for this anymore apparently. Nothing has changed since it failed it's last votwe and it's never been what could be considered a quality contribution to the wiki or an example of exemplary content. It's a bunch of snickering at unfortionate naming conventions for locations. Hell, a large part of why it exists is to explicitly violate three of the four criteria listed here. --Karekmaps 2.0?! 05:58, 20 March 2012 (UTC)
    Of course there are no standards for this anymore, no one is making any decent articles and we still need articles to cycle onto featured articles. I say we do our best to promote rewards for decent articles. DANCEDANCEREVOLUTION (TALK | CONTRIBS) 10:56, 10 April 2012 (BST)

Recent Nominations

Older nominations can be found in the archive.