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Wikipendence.jpg Wikipendence Day – June 9, 2006
This user honors the sacrifice of the moderators and innocent wiki citizens that led to Amazing getting banned.

Gank bus.gif
Abbreviation: G-BUS
Group Numbers: 5
Leadership: Derek Jeter, Ozno Axe, rueful2, Zurvann
Goals: GANKBUS was a group of concerned Maltonians who suddely realized that Amazing was a threat to everyone. Our goal was to either get Amazing to quit Urbandead, or get him kicked off the wiki. (and provide Scinfaxi with some nachos, seriously)
Recruitment Policy: Closed
Contact: Rasher

Mission Completed!

Amazing has been kicked off the wiki. There's no gas left in the bus. The stop arm is out and there's no driver.


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